The D.F.S. “Social Experiment”: JY’s Days are Numbered


June 12, 2020

In the finale here on alleged predator Jessica Yaniv’s 33rd birthday, I hope this one is the stinger for “her”! After all, the coming weeks and months are not going to be kind to her, as I am confident from multiple reliable sources that we may be inching closer to the inevitable personal cataclysm of Jessica Yaniv that has been long overdue!

On April 24, 2020, Jessica Yaniv’s phone number was released onto Kiwi Farms! In the ensuing hilarity, there were others who brought it upon themselves to engage in pranks via text message to JY such as whether she was still selling scarce items such as Lysol (or in JY’s case Vagisil) Wipes with ads even posted on Craigslist. However, although some of the interactions and responses were hilarious, other pranksters weren’t as nice and engaged in dead-naming. At one point, JY lost their cool accusing every prankster of being Donald Francis Smith!

Eventually, JY lost her temper and went as far as uttering threats to a prankster about Constable Heidi Stevenson, the RCMP Officer killed in the Nova Scotia Shootings, which now depicts JY publicly as a “cop hater” with a propensity for violence! (see Jessica Yaniv Utters Death Threats and Disrespects Fallen RCMP Officer from Nova Scotia Mass Shootings)

We’ve seen Yaniv spend nearly six months painting herself a victim of Donald Francis Smith, when that was never true: Yaniv was the bully and provoker. JY had been spreading the gospel online of false “trauma” claims, so I just needed to prove that Yaniv is prepared to continue to provoke. That’s when, over a glass of whiskey, I felt a social experiment was needed. I decided the best way would be to text JY as “Molly”.

Origin of “Molly”:

So let’s rewind to the end of 2019, where we all witnessed JY trolling relentlessly in a malicious campaign against Donald Francis Smith. There was an account on Twitter hitting people up and “supporting” JY, which was a “user” identified as “Molly”. In public tweets, Molly would constantly chime in eager to get JYs attention with comments such as, “Please DM @trustednerd, I have something important to tell you.”

Molly would connect with JY, which from what I understand, was continually trying to pitch JY to to start up a YouTube channel (for cringe content?) to “one-up” Blaire White. However, it seemed JY’s massive ego and chronic complaints were always so focused on the contempt and hatred for Smith. At one point, I was informed JY was going around trying to get Molly to make false complaints against Smith to the Vancouver Police Department against Smith.

JY quickly became unappreciative of Molly, especially despite providing Yaniv with the black and white catfish (that photo photoshopped out the five (maybe now six) chins in a Party City wig (that’s right, this the origin story of the infamous profile picture used online!). So “Molly” was eventually defeated and disappeared into the night in late February because JY was so cold and callous obsessed with revenge elsewhere.

The catfish photo provided to JY by “Molly”.

After Yaniv’s number released, I decided to see if I could pass myself off as “Molly”. It seemed to work for a few days when I buttered up JY with the excuse that due to a mandatory phone number requirement on Twitter, as “Molly”, I could no longer access Twitter. JY bought it and then I got JY’s attention and claiming that I was in possession of “Donny’s phone number”. At no time did I say or elaborate in anyway it was Donald Francis Smith.

And… Yaniv bought it!

April 26, 2020 – 11:36 AM

JY chronically called as much as four times in under a minute. Didn’t JY once accuse someone else of this from an unknown number?


April 26, 2020 – 11:36 AM

Eventually I responded asking who it was. Yaniv tried to claim that they were “Cassandra” and met “Donny” at the bar. However, we’ve been in lockdown in Canada for three months and prior to that, Smith has been sober since December 29, 2019, the day before his arrest for a manufactured breach by Yaniv, so how could this be realistic?

April 26, 2020 – 11:55 AM

Yaniv gave up pretty quickly and immediately then generated texts claiming to be someone named “Chris Penecost” asking how “Smith’s arrest” was. I decided not to entertain it, as it was pretty lame.

April 26, 2020 – 11:55 AM

Yaniv then sent a naked morbidly obese woman with what had appeared to be flesh-coloured beads jammed between her legs up into her vagina. However, at first-glance, I, like others believed it appeared like a very obese pale Yaniv with what appeared to be a very, very… very tiny male genitalia (without zooming because of the flesh-coloured beads) being almost believable to be an uncanny nude selfie of everyone’s least favourite transgender activist! Although we can’t show it, you can see it above.

I thought the best response was to call JY out on it.

April 26, 2020 – 1:04 PM

It didn’t take long for Yaniv to generate another burner number by sending lewd pictures including a picture of the toilet bowl with her own watery diarrhea. This is consistent with “her” bodily fluid fetishism. If this is JY’s “output”, I really think she should see a doctor.

April 26, 2020 – 1:09 PM

JY decided to start making it appear that they were looking for Lysol Wipes and N95 masks. JY actually tried asking straight up if this was “Donald Smith”. I thought JY was lame, so didn’t respond further to this attempt.

April 26, 2020 – 2:08 PM

JY tried asking if “Donald” was in Calgary and to meet up. However, chose not to respond in the latter.

April 26, 2020 – 2:24 PM

A text message came in from, which was generated by JY. Lame much?

April 26, 2020 – 4:23 PM

Yaniv tried using the “Donald’s Cheeseburger” account and referenced a woman who Smith feuded with referred to as “Jade”. However, we all know JY allegedly used emails to harass Smith on his livestreams in November and this was the account used to elicit responses from Smith to make comments about his deceased grandmother. Seems Yaniv was pathetically hit below the belt.

April 26, 2020 – 10:43 PM

This is when it started to get good! JY had started recruiting others to retaliate like she did with other members of Meow Mix such as from Yaniv’s Revenge Backfires, Richelle Speaks Up! and Is JY Encouraging You to File False Reports? reported during this social experiment.

But Yaniv found someone naive and lied to them about Smith- a minor from Ontario! Yes, I started receiving texts from a minor, which I discovered after I texted back claiming they were assisting a “child predator”, this girl told me she was “underage”. I proceeded to tell the girl to “Google Jessica Yaniv”, which on the same day also occurred with our previous article on Richelle, saw the veracity of my claim and that they have been played.

I also explained about Yaniv’s animus and bullying campaign against an autistic man. I guess the best medicine is always, “Google: Jessica Yaniv.”

The best news: JY obviously now has exposed herself to her source of contacting underage minors since being active on Snapchat while using an bitmoji profile to give the first appearance as stealthily a young skinny girl, when in fact it is a 32-year old overweight fat blob whom goes out identifying as a “lesbian woman” subject to “lots of hate”. Again, I emphasize the dislike/hate for Jessica Yaniv because “she” is a serial predator and not primarily because “she” identifies as a trans woman. But one is used to leverage to perform acts on the other, which is harmful to the LGBTQ+ community.

April 30, 2020 – 8:50 PM

I decided to wait a few days before approaching the village idiot in unit #203 myself. Don’t you find it odd that Yaniv immediately knew whose number it was before immediately calling 911? When you listen to my recording of the call, you can hear JY almost immediately refuses to answer my questions focused on revenge against Smith. Yes, JY decides to call 911 when there was no emergency! How would JY be able to explain knowing the number?

Yaniv feigns being in fear, which I am now on three-way, unknown if Yaniv has muted me or not by inferring an allegation that I was Smith. I try to retract it before sarcastically saying maybe I should call 911, which Yaniv eventually disconnects me from the call.

It gets better: My local 911 calls me back (because JY added them to the call) and I explained what occurred. I was then transferred to a non-emergency dashboard and recommended to forward this to my local law enforcement. The officers were not happy and I was recommended to forward this evidence forward with my local precinct and they’ll coordinate with the Langley and Surrey RCMP ongoing investigation into JY.

Following this, I communicated with JY via text message. I made it clear to stop harassing this number and emphasized that I am not Smith. I proceeded to show “her” that I now know of the recruitment of a minor and encouraged Yaniv to show this to law enforcement. Yaniv is aware, but still maintains to have been contacted by Smith in public SnapChat videos.

May 15, 2020

After a few phantom calls from unknown numbers, I further responded to JY and it seems the calls have stopped since!


I want to emphasize, what I did was not entrapment, as I did what a professional Private Investigator would do. Fortunately, I never represented myself as Smith and I never encouraged JY to do anything or said it was Smith as “Molly”. This puts the onus of directing mind of harassment unto JY. I have been advised to provide all of this to the ongoing criminal investigation into a number of charges being proposed to the crown currently that allegedly includes manufacturing evidence/conditions, perjury, uttering threats, etc., amongst many things. Regardless, it will be useful in any civil action for malicious prosecution.

JY continues to tell strangers on social media about Smith claiming to have trauma, but then continues to provoke. It’s clear as night and day: Yaniv wants to provoke Smith and send him to jail. Yaniv is not a victim. This will be clear to Constable Bernard Lapointe, the Lead Investigator with three JY claims against Smith, Amy Eileen Hamm and Keean Bexte, whom I have spoken at length with.

That’s right JY: I had a nice long conversation months ago with Constable Lapointe by handing a google docs and a large number of archived tweets and files from JY’s Twitter, Kiwi Farms and Meow Mix.

I don’t support what Culture Guard represents, as a member of the LGBTQ+ myself. However, we know Kari Simpson been providing support for Smith and I hope she roasts your ass! You taunted Smith, even when he was in jail knowing you fraudulently had him put there for falsifying a breach: something the crown and RCMP know now! The very same set-up that your friend Katie told me about previously where you manufactured emails in November! Lapointe has it all!

JY, you should know: Meow Mix is a public service. We want to stop a serial predator and violent criminal, such as yourself, from harming young women and the community-at-large. Meow Mix is in good graces with local law enforcement, while attorneys and crown prosecutors are currently relying on Meow Mix and are saving costs and getting this done much more quickly. The end game is coming for JY and they seem to be in denial of it.

Your day is coming, Yaniv! You and I both know it! Sadly, my concerns is you’ll end up in a women’s prison and then go on to further predatory behaviour. But from what I hear, the women in a women’s prison don’t like predators and pedophiles either. I hope you and your six chins will be able to sustain an indefinite stay in segregation!

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