The continuing saga of Jessica Yaniv: New victims, allegations and leaks emerging each day from the woodwork

By @divebomberinc

Will we see any end to the Jessica Yaniv saga? Depending on who you ask, there is either excitement, anger or nervous energy from the clickity-clackiness of this roller coaster ride of the continuing controversy surrounding British Columbia’s LGBTQ+ and globally renown “crotch-waxing activist”.

To recap, the sensationalism began over the summer with five days of hearings pertaining to Yaniv’s vexatious litigative campaign at the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) centralizing whether marginalized women should be compelled to wax Yaniv’s male genitalia and such refusal to do so amounts to discrimination in accommodation, service and facility” under s.8 of the B.C. Human Rights Code.

Yaniv rose to infamy after a publication ban was lifted that further polarized criticism both online and offline. In response, Yaniv has engaged in repeated threats and physical violence towards the media and escalating trolling activities to anger her critics on an array of subjects from malingering disabilities and semi-nude pool parties for teenagers.
Jessica Yaniv assaults Rebel Media reporter Dave Menzies that was previously released on August 16, 2019.

The October 22, 2019 final BCHRT ruling of Yaniv v. Various Waxing Salons had ordered her to pay three of the represented marginalized women for her improper conduct to raise this complaint without merit.

In my legal opinion, the $6,000 judgement for improper conduct and filing claims in bad faith was near-sided of BCHRT member Devyn Cousineau who neglected Yaniv’s own July 16, 2019 testimony. Yaniv purported to make nearly $100,000 per year, as well as the conduct between Yaniv and her mother, Miriam Yaniv, that was disruptive further discrediting the Tribunal’s Hearings at times as a “Kangaroo Court”. The end result was a small price to pay for her malicious prosecution when these women’s livelihoods were irrevocably harmed.

Following the verdict, Yaniv recused herself from engaging online (activism and trolling) for 14 days in what is perceived as an avoidance of criticism from the opposition for being unsuccessful in her litigation. During this time, Yaniv alleged to the Post Millennial that she was in a “deep and severe depression”, the inverse of her previous overly cocky and overconfident trolling on Twitter inferring the hearings she was destined for victory.

Despite that the previous “waxing activism” controversy rose Yaniv to infamy in international headlines, we now continue to beg the question: What more will come out of the woodwork on Jessica Yaniv’s other ongoing conduct and allegations?

In the last two weeks, Meow Mix has been privileged in being at ground zero for many emerging allegations and facts on Jessica Yaniv.

Firstly, we will take a glance at Yaniv’s November 13, 2019 attempt to appeal to BCHRT member, Devyn Cousineau, refused to hear new arguments pointing her to the door to pursue either Judicial Review of the BCHRT decision or go to the BC Court of Appeal for new arguments [at her own peril]. Cousineau clarified she was never publicly pressured to rule against Yaniv contrary to Yaniv’s own perception.

Secondly, Yaniv’s former best friend, Katie, came to the front door of JY’s Meow Mix with stories to tell about Yaniv’s inability to maintain healthy relationships that is perceived to consist of deception, emotional blackmail and a constant neediness for attention. New details regarding Yaniv’s attempts for reconciliation will be discussed later.

Thirdly, Yaniv continues her obsession and feud with an economically disadvantaged and intellectually challenged citizen reporter, Donald Smith, whom has continued his independent reporting on YouTube on Jessica Yaniv’s activities, particularly exploitation of minors.

Lastly, Yaniv, who has been infamous for running sock and fraudulent accounts to troll (such as identified at the BCHRT) has been found to have not been operating the Twitter account @MandaPandaGrrr (formerly named as @transtoo), who as it turns out is an allegedly confused 15-year-old girl seeking solace and companionship with Yaniv. This leak has shown further evidence of sexual exploitation and bombshells about Yaniv’s past and present activities that further explores into her own deluded claims of character assassination.

Yaniv is a vexatious litigant that has alleged new lawsuits such as the BCHRT complaints and court records show she was involved in a physiotherapy table collapse in late June. Many of the new lawsuits are alleged human rights violations in the pipeline that fall under both under provincial and federal human rights jurisdictions. Based on this new information, what do you believe are Yaniv’s next courses of action since her narcissism seems to have refusing to accept ownership and accept her BCHRT loss?

As indexed under Yaniv v. Various Waxing Salons (No. 3), 2019, Ms. Cousineau summarizes her denials for reconsideration or for new arguments by stating, “Ultimately, Ms. Yaniv strongly disagrees with most of my conclusions in the Final Decision and thinks that I was driven to rule against her because of public pressure. She wants a different result. However, she has not shown why considerations of fairness or justice, viewed objectively, require the Final Decision to be re‐opened and reconsidered. In my view, doing so would run counter to the principle of finality in administrative proceedings. If she wants to challenge the Final Decision, she must do so in court.”

Firstly, the route to Judicial Review would determine whether the current decision should be reconsidered, and if successful, would be sent back to the BCHRT reexamine existing arguments without arguing new points at the Tribunal. This would be primarily whether $6,000 is reasonable, as Yaniv claims she has no ability to pay at this time because activism around the case has injured her business.

However, if Yaniv wants to gamble on pushing new “material arguments”, she can do so in the BC Court of Appeal. This would enable her to argue what she did not pursue being self-represented such as whether “she or other transgender women, [ultimately require] genital hair removal in preparation for surgery [had] not [been] an issue raised at any time in her complaints” could be quashed by further expert testimony.

We heard from a transgender woman who we will refer to as “Megan” who has told us first-hand about Yaniv’s newest claims. Megan states, “removal of hair prior to surgery, as someone who has gone thru this procedure and also a [registered] nurse I can confirm waxing is the LAST thing someone wants to do to that area prior to surgery… unless they want hair growing out of their new vagina and not just around it. [There] are two methods to remove that hair [through] electrolysis and scraping the follicles during surgery (this is what the only surgeon in Canada does). [However,] if it is waxed, [Yaniv] won’t see them and [a] ponytail will show up eventually [in that region].”

The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) representing the Respondents’ counsel, Jay Cameron (@JurisCameron), could also bring new counter arguments and pursue a higher verdict, such as introducing material that Yaniv alleged in tweets about making “suicide threats” to the BCHRT on or around May 25, 2019. If this was true, there should have been questions on judicial tampering or recusal of the BCHRT member. However, if false, since it undermines the integrity of the BCHRT process, higher improper costs should have been awarded to deter this kind of behaviour.

Twitter conversation on May 25, 2019 between Jessica Yaniv and Morgane Oger where Yaniv alleges to judicial tampering by sending suicide threats to the BCHRT.

The BC Court of Appeal is the greater gamble for Yaniv’s recourse, especially continuing to go unrepresented. This can incur the risk of additional costs possibly upward to $15,000 (or beyond) plus any additional legal costs for the Respondents having to defend themselves in an appeal. Although we’re confident if Yaniv obtained competent legal counsel, she risks exacerbating the current result and incurring additional costs, including paying her lawyer.

Overall, the likelihood of a reversal of the current verdict is very remote. Based on Yaniv’s own contradictory testimonies to date, this will likely never reach the footsteps of the Supreme Court of Canada, regardless of its unique and novel nature.

Whether it has become apparent to the JCCF or not, we point out that Yaniv has confided in two individuals that she has no intention to pay the $6,000 verdict. It remains uncertain if Yaniv is putting the issue to rest with the Application for Reconsideration or will proactively pursue an appeal. In our preliminary opinion without considering legal experts and the number of precedents available, we believe Yaniv should accept ownership and cut her losses and pay the $6,000 to these women.  Failing to do so would likely result in Yaniv prohibited to file new BCHRT complaints and the possibility new complaints are not allowed to proceed.

Currently, Yaniv has began the process of a BCHRT complaint against Christian anti-LGBTQ activist Bill Whatcott over one public misgendering comment.  Whatcott allegedly made the comment during a recess outside his BCHRT proceedings while being filmed in late 2018 where he was ultimately fined $55,000 for intentionally preventing politician and LGBTQ activist, Morgane Oger, from participating in politics based on her gender identity.

Yaniv alleging vulnerability and inferring other BC Human Rights Complaints.

Yaniv has made intentions on Twitter to seek financial compensation against other pageants for denied entry presumably on the basis of gender identity, although the one pertaining to a cruise line will likely falls under federal jurisdiction. There are other purported complaints in the pipeline such as for “gender differential pricing” against Eco Chic for having to pay an additional $23 as a “woman”.

Yaniv seems to think that reconciliation is possible despite the off-boarding of her friendship with Katie, who recently reported to JY’s Meow Mix.  Now that she has been active now on Twitter, Yaniv seems on edge between forgiveness and vengeance. Where does JY Meow Mix see this going?

We commend Katie for coming to the doorsteps of Meow Mix. Just to point out, it was Yaniv’s own penance for trolling her mysterious neighbour “WGKitty” on Kiwi Farms back in August 2019 with the uttering of threats and making obnoxious “meowing” that gave Katie queues to pursue the Twitter Account @friskycat0 who went by “Meow Meow Meow”. Although Katie had also attempted to reach out to “Drama and Opinions” Tweeter (@queenmagdarl) and YouTuber Magdalene and Post Millennial reporter Anna Slatz, JY Meow’s Mix told the initial story.

Other new allegations for further public discussion includes Yaniv’s claims that a family physician committed malpractice by misdiagnosing and mistreating her father who was found to be in the advance stages of cancer causing his demise. Given the gravity of these allegations, we have not provided the doctor’s name; however, given Yaniv’s litigative nature and the absence of any sort of litigation in six years since Yitzhak Yaniv’s death, there are safe presumptions this is more blameworthiness on Yaniv’s part.

Yaniv also had the naive perception believing this is just a fight between Katie and herself. Yaniv claims she called her “BFF” a “whore” at first, but is now escalating with aggression such as disavowing Katie as “pure evil”. JY’s Meow Mix stands by Katie and her bravery to come forward to speak out against knowledge of Yaniv’s continuing predatory behaviour.

Yaniv has continues a campaign to provoke and terrorize a vulnerable man, Donald Smith, who was with Press for Truth on July 26, 2019 during the famous elevator scene. Mr. Smith continues his over-the-top independent reporting on Yaniv, despite receiving threats against his well-being and ongoing malicious false DMCA/Copyright reports where it resulted in de-platforming him and losing years of earning his subscriber base. What more can you tell us on Yaniv continuing to do this despite Mr. Smith’s perseverance against intimidation and bullying?

Whether you love or hate Donald Smith, he’s perceived by many as an underdog who is motivated to not back down when Yaniv tries these predatory tactics. Yaniv proves they’re not a predator and troll to more than one vulnerable class. Mr. Smith is perceived by many as having good intentions and strong-heartedly fights against predators and pedophiles, given allegations of that nature regarding Yaniv. It seems that Yaniv takes gratification to prey on Donald through falsified police complaints, de-platforming from YouTube (and attempts with Facebook), claims to press bogus charges and trying to rile a reaction profuse where Yaniv can claim a threat or bonafide defence.

As described from Katie’s own experience observing Yaniv is watches Donald’s YouTube streams, which we will touch again in an upcoming article over the Mandyleaks; however, it is clear that Yaniv is obsessed with Donald. Yaniv, who now claims to have “invisible disabilities” justifying services such as access to HandyDart services and a SPAR BC permit for her to obtain privileged access with her vehicle, goes on the record with continued offensive slurs discriminating against Donald referring to him as “a handicapped autistic retard”. It seems as a Social Justice Warrior, having dignity and respect towards the disabled is not one of those fights for equity and equality.

A comment from Yaniv’s leaked conversation with Mandy referring to Donald Smith with offensive slurs.

In recent days, Yaniv has blatantly “swatted” Mr. Smith with false police reports to the Vancouver Police Department over twisting a figure of speech as being suicidal, despite a number of witnesses to the broadcast. To further provoke, Yaniv takes satisfaction in trolling tweets about doing it.

We see no end to this relentless bullying against a vulnerable man. It began to escalate after Yaniv went on Mr. Smith’s livestream in August 2019 to threaten Mr. Smith’s life. It further escalated with a September 27, 2019 “cease and desist” order, which Meow Mix has verified with Watson Goepel’s LegalShield Administrative assistant, Megan, that the firm had elected to not represent Yaniv on the matters.

At this time, JY’s Meow Mix is working on exclusive one-on-one interview with Donald Smith for tentative release for December 01, 2019.

This now takes us to climatic heart of this article by summarizing new information on Yaniv that will exclusively be elaborated upon in the coming days. What can you tell the audience about “Mandyleaks” where Yaniv has allegedly engaged with a 15 year old girl for months in the latest chapter of ongoing child grooming allegations?

Mandy, known as @MandaPandaGrrr on Twitter, had her account leaked in the United States. The leaks have covered light on disturbing allegations of child grooming over nearly three months. In these chat logs, it appears Yaniv has continually contradicted and redacted many public statements that continue to be forthcoming.

Intersex-Gender Dysmorphia and Mensural Fetishism

Yaniv’s testimony at the BCHRT was that she is intersex and many continue to refute based on biological characteristics and the balance of probabilities. Yaniv claims to Mandy that her own aunt has the same medical anomalies inferring that this intersex condition is an inherited genealogy whilst contradicting Yaniv’s later admission of suffering from “gender dysmorphia”. This was previously supported by her former friend Katie’s own first-hand experiences regarding psychosomatic cramps and periods more regularly than the majority of women, which is constituted as Yaniv’s excuse to engage in blatant misogynistic trolling about it on Twitter.

Yaniv’s historical fetishism and obsession around adolescent mensuration and feminine hygiene products continues to go untreated by mental health professionals. It is observed that Yaniv has gone as far as to gladly sharing selfies to Mandy on the toilet holding an extra large pad. This is extremely disturbing to be so boastful of this although no nudity was present this picture. Yaniv claims pads are for “leakage” (inferring to semen discharge) from her male genitalia, which further evidences suggests this wearing a pad has been an ongoing habit since her college days between 2005 and 20018 when she still identified as male.

A screenshot of the leaked conversation where Yaniv shows a dirty pad while on the toilet with a minor.

Indecent Exposure toward teenagers

In late August, an online stream between Yaniv and a 17-year-old YouTuber user known as “tr.nny”, whom identifies as a trans woman, had Yaniv unsuspectingly expose her “breasts” for kicks and giggles. Although this could be contrary to YouTube’s own rules, many consider these “manboobs”.

Yaniv exposing her breast to a minor.

Whether you look at the glass half empty or half full in this context, it occurred again in the Mandy chats. Again, depending on how you look at it, there are concerns on this “attention seeking” and “indecent predatory fashion” with minors in both in private conversations and the public domain.
Yaniv and tr.nny on/or around August 30, 2019 where Yaniv exposed her breasts during this livestream to a 17-year-old.

Sexual Assault Allegations

Yaniv has proceeded to make two very serious allegations of sexual assault to Mandy that appear to have occurred at least a decade ago.

On August 20th, 2019, Yaniv cryptically tweeted allegations referring to “gruesome details” regarding “sexually assault”

The first allegation supposedly happened while Yaniv attended college at Kwantlen Polytechnic University between 2005 and 2008 obtaining an Associates Degree in Computer Sciences. Yaniv still identified as male at the time where she claims two men, one whom she went to high school with, had kicked in the door of a restroom “while changing her pad”. It is then alleged that another man accompanied him who fondled her male genitalia. Following the incident, Yaniv only claims to have told college security claiming to be largely ignored. There were no apparent calls to law enforcement, which given the gravity sexual assault allegations in a restroom, as well as considering Yaniv’s repertoire for engaging in vexatious litigation and repeatedly calling local law enforcement for trivial (and/or fraudulent) matters, the story grossly lacks credibility.

However, we will not rule it out entirely, as JY’s Meow Mix is still open for Yaniv to identify the perpetrators she claimed were from Semiahmoo Secondary School, where she previously attended high school. If this did occur, we are eager to speak further with Yaniv and bring them to justice!

Yaniv’s allegations of sexual assault at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

The second allegations, which supposedly takes place around this timeframe, although it is unclear, is where Yaniv accuses her employer, Mani Vigg, who previously owned and operated the NY Grill and Bistro in Langley, BC, of sexual assault. Yaniv claims Mr. Vigg exposed himself with customers in the vicinity and wanted her to “suck his dick”. Yaniv claims he then “forgot about it”. When Yaniv was confronted on Twitter about the allegation against Mr. Vigg, she tweeted the response, “Why would you show me his pic when you know what he did to me[?]” This has validated that she made the allegation. JY Meow Mix has reached out to Mr. Vigg on Facebook and hopes to hear more from him on his side of the story regarding these very serious allegations in the public domain.

For noteworthiness, there appears to have been a transaction with JY Knows IT Consulting, Yaniv’s own business, on her website that was still available weeks ago.

The second chat allegation against NY Grill & Bistro.
November 23, 2019 tweet where Yaniv confirms the alleged incident at NY Grill & Bistro.

When considering these allegations and known symptoms of PTSD, we find credibility issues on Yaniv’s behalf.

In August 2018, during the summer break at the end of her college stint, Yaniv made national headlines in sheer excitement to pitch for a National Sex Day. She went on the public record with the statement, “I thought a special day, just for this type of activity, (would) be the best.”

The Canadian Press release from the August 2008 Globe and Mail was as followed:

A Vancouver student has launched an Internet campaign to create a National Sex Day. Jonathan Yaniv, a computer science student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey, wants to make Aug. 21 a day devoted to the art of love. The 21-year-old is trying to get at least one million Canadians to join the Facebook event National Sex Day 2008. If he’s successful, it will likely be the biggest organized sex event ever. The Facebook group already has more than 130,000 members. Mr. Yaniv has been preparing his guests by promoting safer sex, even sending out free condoms on request. March 21 was initially slated to be the first National Sex Day, but it didn’t go over well with Christians – it was also Good Friday.

When we summarize these allegations, it seems rather peculiar for someone who marketed such an event could have be so traumatized by sexual assault, although JY Meow Mix will not rule it out, as it is empirically known that sexual assaults can be the emergence of the sexually predatory behaviour that seems to well documented after this event.


In summary, this is only the initial icing for JY Meow Mix this week, as some of the screenshots as we understand have been shared on Kiwi Farms and Twitter. Although Yaniv has tried to DMCA videos, we hope these will be reposted in other domains where unfettered access to false DMCA complaints require court injunctions at Yaniv’s own expense.

We will continue to uncover the “Mandyleaks” in chronology from beginning to end as a series to show connections between Yaniv’s past and ongoing conduct and allegations that should enable viewers and critics alike to decide hopefully once and for all the truth about Jessica Yaniv.

Stay tuned for us to cover are Yaniv’s need to “buy a gun”, interpreting the post-op transition plan from Male-to-Female and more truths about Yaniv’s “alleged disabilities”.

Although we hope that Chris Hansen, famous from NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” will take more notice of Jessica Yaniv, it is also within our sincerest hopes Jessica Yaniv will start to sink the current realities and finally seek help before it’s far too late where law enforcement is concerned.


Despite lots more to come, if you’re someone who has a story with your experience with Jessica (or previously known as Jonathan) Yaniv, whether you’re a victim, former business associate, classmate or co-worker, we want to hear from you!

Contact us through our email for our independent reporting at [email protected].

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