The Bloodthirsty Fraud of Langley

Todays post is by an amazing Meow Mix Guest Author

What are the odds of Jessica Yaniv actually menstruating as a
biological male?

Whatever you call them – monthlies, period, menstruation, rag week, on the blob, the curse, the outcome is exactly the same – a miserable time for female, meaning people with a womb. Not trans women pretending they have them.

Personally, I prefer trans women who have both feet firmly set in reality and scientific facts. – the ones who don’t scream slurs because someone dared question actual fact – rather than the pest known as Jessica Yaniv! Is it delusion? Attention seeking? Mental health issues? All of the above? Yanny has already admitted to a minor that he has a personality disorder. We don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to establish that.

But what exactly are periods? Once a month an egg is released from the ovaries where it passes down the Fallopian tubes into the womb/uterus. If sperm comes (pun not intended) into contact with an egg, it’s fertilized. If not, the lining of the womb is shed and released out of the vagina. In preparation for next month’s egg release. This shedding causes the menstrual flow. If he had enough female hormones to supposedly have periods at 13 he would most likely not need additional estrogen now.

He’s often engaged in inappropriate chats with girls about his feminine product usage. It appears this began with telling them he has sweaty testicles and needed them to soak up sweat! A lovely thought. You can thank me later. Then his penis was ‘leaking’ so he needed pads for that. No Jonathan, you need to stop yourself being aroused so often! He’s told others that he urinates on pads and the most crazy of all…drum roll please…HE HAS PERIODS, often multiple times per month.

As some trans women claim and insist it absolutely is NOT the elevated hormone levels that may make some people a little more emotional and have some cravings. The vast majority of women don’t use that as an excuse to treat others badly, or as an excuse to stuff their face with gluttony and greed…and chocolate cake. Maybe Yanny put’s his allergy to gluten in his handbag/purse when it suits. However won’t touch on that right now.

Jonathan clearly doesn’t have a clue!

Dripping down your leg? You need a doctor or gynecologist…oh, wait…you tried that. They told you to go away because you’re biologically male. Another clear sign he doesn’t have periods or female parts!

A Taboo subject!

Even in countries such as the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, France, for example, periods are still somewhat of a taboo subject…unless you’re someone who fantasizes about them! We don’t stand around in bathrooms waiting for random strangers to come in for a chat about periods. We barely mention them to female friends or relatives. 

After asking many women, I’ve established that even in our modern world women, particularly girls WON’T ask a random person for sanitary products.

Who in their right mind would ask someone who is clearly a biological male? Would I ask a baker for some lamb? Of course not. We teach children to be aware of strangers and possible dangers. Anyone hanging around bathrooms trying to strike up a conversation about periods would concern an adult. Add to that the fact that Jonathan is a biological man, who, let’s be honest isn’t a very convincing woman, and it’s worse. He exudes toxicity, misogyny and creepiness from every cell of his being. 

How would it even work?

Are HIS labia nestled between his balls or his balls nestled between his labia? Where exactly is the sensitive head of his penis and HIS clitoris? Which urethra does he use? As most adults recognize the chances of a human having two complete sets of internal sexual organs and external genitals are about as likely  as seeing a flying pig!

Yaniv also has a history of questionable online interactions with underage girls, but what is he doing offline, in the real world? Would he have such a fascination with menstruation if he were in a country where menstruating women and girls are seen as unclean and are isolated, often living in huts or with animals during their period. Billions of days of education are lost, simply because girls don’t have appropriate products, underwear, and a piece of cloth. Even in Canada, period poverty is real. He could have donated them to someone in need, Or had endometriosis, or other horrible problems some women have related to menstruation, rather that play make believe!

Of course he wouldn’t. He prefers to beg a company to send him free items he doesn’t need.

Do we really want someone with intact male genitals who is in favour of this decision around unaccompanied girls in the bathroom or changing rooms? Is that safe? When does fantasy become an assault?
This sis especially worrisome from someone who has a vile interest in menstruating girls and wonders if he should go in a cubicle/stall ostensibly to assist children with their feminine products. 

Lying under oath at the BCHRT

Devyn Cousineau commented that Yaniv ‘s testimony was found to be disingenuous and self serving. In layman’s terms…he lied for his own benefit. She also added that during cross-examination he was evasive and argumentative and contradicted himself.

Was Yaniv taking these cases to HRT to fight for the right’s of trans women, being the human rights and social justice warrior they claim to be? Of course not. He saw a loophole. In that loophole, he saw dollar signs. 

Jonathan has got so caught up in his lies he can’t keep up. He’s made rash claims such as being intersex without actually understanding the condition. He refused to provide the HRT with medical confirmation. Yaniv’s usual tactic of intimidation and bullying clearly weren’t going to work. Even the supposed suicidal calls and emails didn’t sway the HRT decision in his favour. 

Would I welcome this adult into women’s spaces? NO! Yaniv appeared to whoop with delight in response to a judge’s decision to allow males into CHILDREN’s changing rooms. The fact Yaniv thought that was a positive move shows me the Yaniv should not be in there. Add to that asking minors what he may see in there is chilling. As  an adult woman I would report him for pestering people in there!

More alarming is the fact Jonathan’s thinks girls, particularly ones just beginning to menstruate, will ask HIM for sanitary products AND ask him how to use them!!! His sickening fantasies include going in a cubicle/stall with a child to show her how to use pads and tampons. Another of his repulsive fantasies is to go in a cubicle with a minor and change pads together. Clearly Jonathan’s’s interest in periods is far from what’s considered normal. In my opinion, he undoubtedly has a fetish. If this was an interest in the periods of adult women it wouldn’t be a concern. However…it’s a sick interest in young girls!

Jonathan’s has asked several girls to show him used pads and tampons so he could ‘check they were using them properly’. He very recently sent a photo of a pad stuck to his underwear with what he considers to be a ‘period’. Any adult woman with real experience knows what it should look, and this looked like he had poured watery, red juice on it! Maybe he’s taken inspiration from the ads on TV with the blue fluid.

Yaniv has made claims of being intersex, having periods at 13, having functioning, perfectly standard male genitalia, as well as having female genitals even he hasn’t had any bottom surgery. If Jonathan was truthful it would be rather a tight fit in the g-strings he claims to wear! That can’t be too comfortable when chasing those pesky reporters. Although there are a couple of disturbing images of his lingerie, I won’t put anyone off their food by sharing them 

Is he incapable of controlling his fetishes? Does he understand boundaries of ordinary women? How about what is an acceptable conversation to have with a minor? We undoubtedly know he doesn’t care about any of those things. As long as Johnny is happy he doesn’t concern himself with anyone else’s feelings, boundaries, or the appropriate nature of his actions. 

So….does Yaniv have menstrual periods?

Apart from just using general knowledge about the human body we know it simply cannot happen, for the reasons I’ve explained in my article. He constantly lies…take everything Yanny says with a pinch or a salt cellar of salt!

From the ‘evidence’ we have , I and the Meow Team think absolutely NOT! Any rational person would say no.

There is more chance of Canada dropping the maple leaf as it’s official image!

UPDATE….He’s attempting to take another salon to the BCHRT simply because their religious views won’t allow them to touch a man who isn’t their husband! Expect to hear more lies. Whatever Yaniv says about it just being legs and he would wear shorts. Thighs continue into shorts and a technician is still working around a crotch! Apologies if anyone threw up.