The Amanda Todd Legacy Society & Campaign

This campaign has been granted permission for the use of all graphics and content.

The Amanda Todd Legacy is a non-profit society that focuses on awareness and the well-being of all individuals (younger and older).  We have a strong focus on prevention and awareness related to bullying, cyberabuse and internet safety.  As well, resources and education encouraging positivity, mental health and wellness and how to stay safer online are shared on our website.

Campaigns of awareness and outreach to both young people and adults are of primary importance.  We have presented globally to public schools, colleges, universities,  community events, conferences with attendees in focus areas of which may include law enforcement, social work, psychology  and mental health with an overall goal on empowerment, safety and wellness.  

ATLS Mission

  • To promote awareness through resources and education related to bullying and cyber abuse.
  • To provide youth and families with mental health resources and support.
  • To assist families in the management of services and supports in their communities related to their needs and concerns.

That’s from the mission statement of the Amanda Todd Legacy Society. Amanda Todd was a 15 year old Canadian that made international headlines when she hanged herself after being bullied and assaulted. She posted this video on September 7, 2012, a few weeks before she ended her own life.

MeowMix Mission

MeowMix has been almost exclusively focused on exposing the predatory behaviour of Jessica Yaniv Simpson – someone who’s actions online and in the real world are not all that different than the monsters that preyed on Amanda Todd. The LGBTQ members of the MeowMix team have an added interest in this – Yaniv has hurt the work they have personally done to promote LGBQT equality.

It becomes even more disgusting when you consider that Yaniv, a 33-year-old person that claims to be transgender, constantly compares himself to Amanda Todd, going as far as saying he will become the next Amanda Todd if he doesn’t get his way.

MeowMix has published over 4000 images, 300 videos, thousands of pages of legal documents and chat logs, and over 300 articles exposing Yaniv’s behaviour, including professional opinions from lawyers and psychologists.

As the primary editor of MeowMix, I have no doubt that Yaniv is the kind of monster that would lead to another Amanda Todd scenario – and I don’t mean himself. He’s hurt numerous young women already and they’ve shown great strength and courage coming forward. Yaniv continues to lurk in the darkness, and MeowMix is watching, relaying his every misstep to the proper authorities.

Campaign Goals

MeowMix is supporting the Amanda Todd Legacy Society to raise money to support both causes. Since 2012, the ATLS has raised funds to promote awareness of the real world impacts of cyberbullying, sexual exploitation, and mental health. Donations support these initiatives.

MeowMix is run by a small group of friends online, spread across multiple countries and platforms. Keeping the website operating – and safe from Yaniv’s efforts to hide his secrets – costs money. We’ve been able to keep our costs low, but we ask for your support.

Our goal is to raise $1,000. The first $500 will be split 50/50, after which all proceeds go to the ATLS.

How to Support Us

There are two ways to support this campaign.

If you choose, you can donate directly to this campaign crowdfunding campaign.

If you prefer, MeowMix has produced limited edition merch, available only until Christmas. Proceeds from merch sales will be split the same way as direct donations.

Please consider supporting both the ATLS and MeowMix. The ATLS is doing critical work to raise awareness on this topic, and MeowMix is only asking for your support in covering our expenses. The MeowMix team – including myself – does not receive compensation for any work on the website or content.