JY’s Suicide Lies and Amanda Todd Obsession

It takes a screwed up person to throw around Amanda Todd’s name to manipulate people.

First off, it’s important to take a moment to summarize the Amanda Todd tragedy. She was a 15 year old girl in the lower mainland area, not far from Langley. On September 7, 2012, she posted a YouTube video using flash cards to tell the story of how she was being blackmailed into showing herself nude on webcam. Her story included heartbreaking details of being bullied and physically assaulted.

She hanged herself on October 10, 2012.

A wave of anti-bullying activism followed, but it already cost Amanda her life.

Yaniv saw a moment to capitalize on, and regularly jumps at the opportunity to use Amanda Todd’s name as leverage to manipulate others.

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The oldest example I can find dates back to the Cimorelli days, when Yaniv used the Amanda Todd story – one of the most heart-wrenching bullying stories in recent years – to bully Louise Nussac.

At least Louise called him out on this bullshit.

When Oger highlighted the Amanda Todd story in a feature article on her website about predators, Yaniv jumped on the story, replying that he could be the next Amanda Todd.

Sidebar here…

Remember that look Yaniv was going for? What did he call it? Simplistic…that’s right.

I’m not posting a picture of Amanda Todd, but a quick Google search on your own time will show the similarity. Yaniv so desperately wanted to be a teen girl, and so desperately wanted to be a victim, that even leveraging Amanda Todd’s name wasn’t off limits to him.

Most disturbing in my mind is this – Yaniv lived a mere 20 minutes away from Amanda Todd. Is it POSSIBLE that Yaniv had preyed on her? At least one person was charged in connection with her bullying, but I doubt it was just one person.

As sickening as this is, it fits Yaniv’s MO perfectly. He so badly wants to be a victim and he so desperately wants attention. He wants to be a living Amanda Todd.

Amanda Todd was loved in life. In death, she became a symbol. You can’t tell me for a second that Yaniv doesn’t want that for himself – minus the death part.

I don’t know how accurate it is, but I’ve often heard that truly suicidal people generally don’t mope around on social media telling everyone they’re about to kill themselves, at least not on a regular basis. Generally speaking, those people are the ones that want pity, not death.

Yaniv wants attention, fame, love, and importance. He wants everyone to love him the way people showed Amanda Todd love after her death. He doesn’t just throw her name around to get that attention – he makes constant suicide threats too.

He wanted to paint himself as a victim, a tragedy. “Here’s little JY, alone and sad. Weep for him. Pity him. Look at the hurdles he must overcome, and the mountains he must climb. He’s so close failing though. He needs your love and sympathy”. He must think we’re all fools.

Yaniv sees the way the world held their breath as the Amanda Todd video played on CNN. He saw the millions of views her video received. He needed that attention. He’d say anything to get it.

Yaniv throws suicide around like it’s an everyday threat, even using it to manipulate the HRT officials and push his own agendas.

Mental health is a serious issue in the world. Yaniv knows this, and it’s become his tool to twist people around him.

Note the Amanda Todd reference above.

Yaniv tried to paint himself as a victim, but emphasized how he’s so much stronger than anyone else is. After all, anyone in his shoes would have killed themselves, but he didn’t. Look how powerful and strong the mighty Jessica is!

To ensure his tweets get attention, Yaniv is happy to tag people that are more influential than him, like the Cimorelli ladies or Morgane Oger. Or Donald Trump.

The most fucked up part is that Yaniv knows how wrong it is. He regularly called out Cimorelli fans for trying to leverage suicide to get the girls attention. Perhaps these were just more fake accounts by Yaniv, and he used them to prop himself up. Maybe.

Or was Yaniv simply trying to look like the heroic saviour of young teen Cimorelli fans.

Yaniv seems to think that making suicide threats will clean his slate, somehow absolving him of responsibility for the hurt he’s caused people.

Yaniv’s suicide obsession sometimes overlaps with his police obsession. On Christmas, one of the hardest times of the year for millions of people, Yaniv took an opportunity to tweet out to the police about people saying he was suicidal. You should be afraid – mighty J will press charges!

Yaniv’s suicide obsession crossed over with his Donald obsession, where he tried to look like the good guy and failed miserably. Donald had just completed a livestream about Yaniv, saying he would rather slit his throat than talk to Yaniv in person. Yaniv twisted this and called the police, saying they needed to rush to Donald’s house, bust down his door, and take him into protective custody.

Obviously Yaniv just did this to attack Donald. It’s ironic because days earlier, Yaniv told everyone that he would kill himself, resulting in the police coming to check on Yaniv. Yaniv used the entire thing as a revenge ploy. Donald wasn’t suicidal – he was using a figure of speech to describe just how much he didn’t want to talk to Yaniv, and everyone knows this.

It really needs to be highlighted just how messed up JY is here. Take three things that are among the most disturbing topics in the world – sexual assault, suicide, and pedophilia – and Yaniv comes up in all of them. He’s SO desperate to be seen as a victim that he throws around words like rape and suicide and Amanda Todd in ways that no normal person ever would. He’s the only person that WANTS you to think he’s a suicidal rape victim, without actually being a suicidal rape victim.

Real people struggle with mental health issues, and suicide has devastated many families. Yaniv has used suicide as a weapon to cut people down and hurt people for his own gain. Yaniv is as suicidal as he is feminine, but I agree that Yaniv needs mental health help. He is a sick, delusional, perverted human being that needs to be locked up for our safety, not his own.

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