miriam yaniv

Strata Corp Takes Action Against Miriam Yaniv’s Terrorizing of Residents

Documents provided to MeowMix by residents of Miriam Yaniv’s strata indicate a special meeting will be held where owners will be asked to vote on next steps against Miriam Yaniv.

Miriam Yaniv is an owner in the building, which means several legal hurdles must be passed before she could be removed permanently. Her recent behaviour, which includes an alleged assault on a resident, destruction of property, and a threat to burn the entire building down have helped the strata corp arm themselves with what they need to make their next steps.

The strata corp is asking residents to vote for:

  • a mandate directing strata council to retain legal counsel and commence proceedings against Miriam Yaniv
  • arrange for Miriam Yaniv’s removal from the building, if necessary
  • prepare for any required mediation or negotiation
  • fund all the above.

A 3/4 in-favour vote is required for this to pass. Ironically, Miriam Yaniv will have a vote on the matter, so I guess that’s 93-1?