Some Men Bleed – But Not You JY

This article is from the same Meow Mix guest author that brought Yaniv some easy-to-follow and fucking hilarious tampon instructions and pondered if JY is a masochist. We acknowledge trans men bleed. In this article we are referring to biological men who suffer from this condition. Check it out!

There is a way technically for Yaniv to have a menstrual cycle, having a uterus, and all that. But it’s not the way you think, or Yaniv what believes for that matter.

Persistent Mullerian Duct Syndrome (PMDS) is a disorder of sexual development that affects males. Males with PMDS have normal male reproductive organs and typical male external genitalia. However, they also have a uterus and fallopian tubes (female reproductive organs). The uterus and fallopian tubes develop from a structure called the Müllerian duct, which is present in both male and female fetuses. It typically breaks down in males, but it remains in those with PMDS. That means in some very rare conditions, men can be born with the ability to have a period.

Editor: It was at this point when I thought, “You know what this article needs? Pictures! I’m going to go Google some relevant pictures to support this article. Readers, I made a terrible mistake. For the love of all things sacred do NOT Google PMDS. You’re better off Googling “horrific car crashes involving puppies and kittens.”

Now, ERK, HALT, hit the breaks (especially YOU Yaniv reading this). That means there IS a way for Yaniv to her their period technically, but definitely not as two fully formed, functioning outward sexual organs. It wouldn’t lead up to a regular menstruation cycle. It mostly leads to irregular bleeding from semen or urine. Not a normal shedding of the uterus like biological females do. If Yaniv truly had this condition, they could have at least named it correctly during the tribunal hearings and be able to describe it accurately. Plus, one’s balls wouldn’t need waxing because, in this condition, they are usually seriously messed up. Sometimes one is descended the other is not. Maybe that’s what Yaniv was referring to when they said, “in intersex conditions, one part works, the other one doesn’t.”

Now, even if Yaniv tried to present this as evidence, it wouldn’t hold up in the tribunal cases anyway. Having this condition doesn’t make you any more “entitled” to receive waxing services (Side Note: I cringe when Yaniv says that word, it’s so pompous to think you DESERVE service because you’re a protected class. As a person of color, I wouldn’t walk into a mostly white salon demanding white people to know how to deal with my hair). Yaniv still has external male parts, which the salon service workers are not obligated to touch their tiny peen, and they aren’t waxing your uterus. So piss on that.

Editor: Ok but seriously, I need some pictures for this. Aww shit I googled it again! What was I thinking?!? Why are there so many surgical pictures on Google? Is that a…Nope.

Furthermore, Yaniv declares to have two external organs. Anyone, if they had such thing, in their right mind wouldn’t seek waxing services on those parts. In this case, especially, searching for, frankly, cheap services on Facebook is an idiotic choice. No offense to the women, but I wouldn’t trust in-home waxing services if my genitals were the equivalent to Frankenstein’s monster. If my genitals were an aborted fusion dance of the Wonder Twins, I would probably seek a professional person who can handle a convoluted mess, if I even would get it waxed in the first place. Usually, people seeking waxes have the intention of showing it off, so I don’t know if Yaniv is planning on spread-eagling in a bikini at the beach, but doesn’t make much sense to me.

Editor Note: Yaniv spread eagle. Enjoy that mental picture folks. Watch out, Wreck Beach.

But we all know Yaniv to be a lyin’. Yaniv’s own testimony questions with their mother, she asked, “When was my first period?” The mother responds, “13-14”. Now, I don’t know about you, but if my son came to me at 13, telling me they were peeing blood and gross menstrual goods, I wouldn’t tell them, “Oh, you’re starting your period, that’s great!” I’d probably rocket my way to the nearest hospital, body slam them on a medical table, and plead to the doctor to figure out why my son is bleeding like crazy from his micro peen. Also, keep in mind Yaniv’s mother mentioned in the hearing that Yaniv “came out” as trans to her last, but she would’ve known about her “daughters” “condition” and would be able to explain that too. But hey, just saying.

In conclusion, there is actually a condition that Yaniv could have had. But we all know the real truth. Just don’t wanna knock down the individuals with this condition that Yaniv is trying to weaponize. Just like how they are weaponizing the LBGTQ community to creep on girls and immigrants.

Editor: I know half of you guys went out and Googled this yourselves and you saw what I saw. This is an awful condition that some people have to live with. Yaniv hasn’t claimed to have this, but they have claimed to have so many other things, including rare and incurable illnesses. What bothers me the most is that there are people out there with real problems in their life – illness, depression, suicidal thoughts, rare diseases, gender dysphoria, etc – and Yaniv tries to manipulate all of these things for their own gain. Fuck Yaniv. Also…here’s some eye bleach.

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