Sing-A-Long with JY

Need something fun to do this weekend? Why not sing along to your favourite hits, as performed by J. Yaniv?!

Start out with the party city wing anthem. The audio is bad, but the dancing his HILARIOUS! Rock out with your wig out!

If that doesn’t get you pumped up, check out this awesome Cimorelli cover!

Or this great Backstreet Boys hit! Everybooooody. Cover your eaaaars.

Still on the fence? Maybe JY and Britney can hit you one more time? No not you Keean. Don’t worry.

There’s always some Avril Lavigne, if that’s you thing!

Maybe you prefer a little more pep? Maybe you’re less American Idol and more Dancing With the Stars? If so, this is for you!

JY may look innocent sitting up there dancing and having fun but remember this – there’s a phone in JY’s pocket right there that includes countless chat logs with underage girls and all kinds of inappropriate pictures.

It’s scary how well monsters can blend in.

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