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SFU Part 3: Jessica Yaniv Simpson Threatens More, Brags More, Lies More

We finished our first and second of Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Discord adventures a couple weeks back. As we come into the weekend, with court hearings planned for next week (nothing big – they’re just scheduling hearings), what better time is there than now than to share another wave of hilarity.

It’s worth taking a second to point out that Jessica Yaniv (now known as Jessica Serenity Simpson) is trying to paint this all as transphobia. There’s a lot of skepticism about Yaniv’s gender identity in itself, but if that was the only issue, sites like MeowMix wouldn’t exist. The problem with Yaniv isn’t the gender issue.

The problem is that Yaniv is a pedophile, a racist, a misogynist. Yaniv is a violent criminal that has been charged with 10 offenses. Yaniv has a documented history of assaulting people and threatening to murder them. They ADMITTED to holding racist views in a recent court document. They ADMITTED to “preferring” teenage girls to adults, despite being 35 years old. THESE are the reasons people monitor Yaniv, and constantly push to expose their deeds.

Gender only becomes a factor because Yaniv brings it in and uses it as a shield. In JY’s view, it doesn’t matter that they talk about 10 year old girls first periods or that they use the N word when referring to black people or that they brag about carrying a hunting knife in their car and they’ve threatened to murder people. JY says the only reason we care about those things is because they’re transgender. In other words, don’t look here, look over there instead. We choose to see it all. Like we said in this article, JY, it’s not transphobia. It’s you.

What you see below is what we always see from JY and it’s why we call JY a predator. It’s more obsession with DFS. It’s telling people to kill themselves. It’s violence and racism. It’s attacking women and calling them cows while labeling themselves as a feminist. It’s attacking students. It’s falsely branding themselves as an icon and leader to groom students into following him. It’s always the same thing. It’s “Look at me, I’m a victim, and I deserve your attention and pity and love, and I’m also powerful and strong and respected, so you should fear and respect me too.” None of that is true.

In a way, it would be sad if this was anyone else. People deserve love, respect, compassion. They deserve a powerful voice. Predators, racists, and pedophiles do not.

And with that, here’s more of what we’ve seen JY engaged in online. It’s not explosive or groundbreaking, but it’s more of the same, and that’s MeowMix’s sole purpose: to document and expose the abusive patterns of behaviour of Jessica Serenity Simpson.

Note that the comments between pictures are my opinions or notes to add context.

How many times has JY tried to compare themselves to Amanda Todd?

This fundraiser, where MeowMix readers donated $500 to the Amanda Todd Legacy Society.

JY has brought up this fake school shooting story before. He claims police stopped someone who had plans to shoot someone at a school he attended (if I recall, it was a high school). Nobody shot the school. There’s no evidence JY was an intended target. There’s not even evidence JY would have been present. The event didn’t happen.

For context, driving to work today, I was almost the victim of multiple fatal car collisions by people speeding and texting and driving. I should be compensated for my PTSD for my imagined trauma. Tomorrow at work, I’m going to tell stories in the coffee room about how I was almost a victim of Timothy McVeigh. I’ve never actually been to Oklahoma City and I’m not a federal employee, but had I taken a different career path, been born to different parents, and lived in a different country….that could have been me. I was an almost Oklahoma City bombing victim.

Here he goes again trying to brand himself as something he isn’t. In this case, a “very well spoken” and “powerful advocate” for “equality based rights”.

Remember, this is the guy who can’t pronounce words like literally, fibromyalgia, threats, etc., and has failed every court challenge he’s ever participated in, and is a DOCUMENTED racist and bigot according to the most liberal human rights tribunal in all of North America.

He admits it’s fucked up to tell people to kill themselves, but says it has to be done.

Meanwhile he brands MeowMix as a hate group. MeowMix has NEVER promoted violence or told JY to kill themselves and we routinely delete comments from our comments section that even hint at that. JY accuses MeowMix of the exact things JY does themselves. Same as he does to DFS, in his effort to paint DFS as a pedophile by creating dozens of tiktoks accounts in Donald’s name.

And again, saying someone needs to be shot.

Context: This is JY accusing all of the trolls of being DFS, and he accuses DFS of being a pedophile, and he says pedophiles need to be shot. Just think about the mental stretching that had to happen here. He thinks everyone is Donald. He thinks Donald does the same thing he does. He thinks he should be shot.

It’s funny that the students are starting to tell him to shut up.

Note that nobody, at any time on this server, has engaged in a psych debate or analysis. It’s all chit chat between friends.

Now he’s saying he’ll complain to SFU about the Discord server, which isn’t affiliated with SFU at all.

More obsession with Donald.

I know with 100% certainty who is posting these comments and none of them are Donald, not one. It’s not even one person.

He sure keeps a lot of pictures of DFS on his phone, including DFS’s prison cell nudes. It makes you wonder…

He should have said “that’s an accurate pic of me”.

Nobody gives a shit about his Amanda Todd obsession.

And nobody gives a shit about his attention-seeking behaviour either. He’s so desperate for someone to fawn over him…

And now he says that comment was transphobic. When another student sarcastically says it was actually racist, he doesn’t catch on.

JY attempts to seem superior. Fails miserably. He’s literally scolding first year SFU students for being 18 and 19 years old and can’t see that they’re mocking him for being 35. Most of these “kids” have jobs, they’re going to school for careers, they have friends, etc. What is JY doing here?

Read that again: “FYI I don’t stand for any transphobia, homophobia or racism towards me or others”.

How many times has he engaged in actual transphobia (calling trans people over sexualized and saying he would never date or sleep with one), homophobia (the comments about how it would be disgusting if men performed oral sex on men) and racism (countless examples).

Does Jessica Yaniv not stand for their own behaviour? If true, will Jessica Yaniv stop Jessica Yaniv from Jessica Yaniving?

I love that JY thinks they can intimidate students with SFU policies even though the Discord has nothing to do with SFU. It would be like me personally setting up a SFU Discord server for friends and family that go to SFU. Fortunately, as you’ll see, the SFU students call bullshit.

No evidence of JY’s above complaint, although I suspect he’s talking about Jinnie, an UFV student who complained to UFV about abuse by JY.

Nobody taking his attention seeking seriously, again.

Word starts to spread about who JY is and he retaliates. The question of the day is…Who would EVER be jealous of JY? Is there one single thing you can think of about JY that you are envious of?

And now he’s trying to make students verify themselves to him. Get real.

Attacking women…

“Please don’t attack women”.

JY replies with “moo”.

See previous “well spoken and powerful advocate for equality based rights” comments.

And with that JY was kicked from the server. The students patted each other on the back and thanked the mod a bit and JY hasn’t been mentioned since.

So he joined other servers.

And more servers. Ever seen anyone else introduce themselves this way? This is what scammers do to start grooming their target.

And this spread.

“Ding dong the witch is dead”.

Hey JY…it’s a figure of speech, you dumb asshat, not a threat, so calm your tits.

Nobody responded to this attention seeking.

And that was about it. He’s been fairly quiet on Discord, at least for now. We’ve heard he’s been locked out his account but nobody can confirm that. He’s been on Facebook lately, creating his own Facebook groups and group chats for various courses. He’s posted the links on several SFU Facebook groups and nobody likes them or responds. The only way he lets you in is if you verify yourself to him through an SFU student email account, and he brags about screening people, which turns everyone off.

It’s been fun watching him sit there, angrily invisible, mashing his keyboard, paint himself as if he’s been a huge victim and he’s really a sweet, kind-hearted, powerful advocate for people who need his help, and in reality, even without MeowMix’s help, everyone sees him for exactly what he is: a groomer and predator.

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