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Sept 21 Court Updates: Live Update

Details from sources on the ground. Yaniv is in court today facing possible sentencing for his weapons charges. Updating – newest info at the top.

1:33 PM PST: Yaniv was apparently screaming that he was going to “put Donald back in jail.” Video is coming.

1:20 PM PST: Drama! Yaniv lost his mind and threatened to run over Kari Simpson and Donald Smith with his car. This is apparently on video.

Yaniv apparently got upset with KS and DFS and the Sherriffs wanted him out. Yaniv got upset and was shouting at them while Miriam stood by silently. Kari and Donald are filing a police report at the Surrey RCMP right now. Details to come.

12:33 PM PST: It’s officially on CSO.

12:18 PM PST: The severely injured Yaniv climbed up the big courthouse staircase again, backpack and all. When his lawyer asked if he wants to use the elevator he declined.

12:15 PM PST: Yaniv is at the Criminal registry with Miriam and his lawyer. Yaniv is yelling at people in the lobby and telling them to stop taking pictures. Yaniv threatening to report them all to the police. Our contacts are not taking pictures.

12:10 PM PST: More details re: Yaniv’s complaint about Donald. Yaniv tried to have Donald tossed from the courthouse. The Sherriff came to talk to Donald and was very respectful. He informed Donald about Yaniv said about him and told Donald they were not concerned with it. Donald was not removed from the courthouse.

12:05 PM PST: Yaniv received a conditional discharge. Yaniv received one year probation and must report to a parole officer. The psych eval completed by Doctor Pritchard found mental health issues, gender dysphoria, etc. More to come.

11:30 AM PST: Yaniv reported Donald for uttering threats. The Sherriff ignored Yaniv’s complaint and Yaniv is steaming mad. Donald is happy. Yaniv’s case is up next but was delayed slightly so the judge can read the pre-sentence report.

11:20 AM PST: On break, Yaniv just climbed two full flights of stairs (22 in total) to the main lobby while he has his heavy backpack on.

So much for extreme pain from his severe car accident. In fact, this may be the most athleticism Yaniv has ever displayed.

11:12 AM PST: Yaniv’s rush to the washroom earlier was to take a phone call in secret. Miriam chased him into the washroom. Yaniv was originally not going to have his lawyer attend (according to sources) but when certain other people showed up today Yaniv called his lawyer and demand he attend, hence the delay.

11:05 AM PST: I’ve been informed Yaniv never picked up the documents Kari served him. He simply left them on the sidewalk and walked away. Fortunately there are witnesses and sheriff’s so I believe he has been legally served. The funny part is he doesn’t even know that he’s been served.

Yaniv is still waiting on his lawyer and insisting the court wait.

10:40 AM PST: Normally this wouldn’t warrant any telling but Yaniv just used the women’s washroom. The doors were fixed in the open position, preventing him from fabricating any more stories similar to his invented sexual assault by Amy Hamm. We’ve received an image of the docs served to Yaniv and will post PDFs when we can.

jessica yaniv simpson docs

10:30 AM PST: Yaniv and Miriam are on location, this time they are not wearing matching dresses. Yaniv is wearing the same floral print as always. Rebel is on location as well as Kari Simpson and Donald Smith. Yaniv demanded three RCMP officers escort him to the courthouse line up where he had to stand behind Kari and Donald.

Kari took the opportunity to serve Yaniv with documents from Donald, with RCMP witnesses. Yaniv refused to accept them and Kari placed them at his sandal-clad feet. Yaniv also told Miriam not to touch them. A sheriff later tried to give the documents to Yaniv and he refused. Regardless, Yaniv has been technically served. Personal comment: how childish is that? This little bitch thinks he can serve lawsuits on everyone but can’t accept documents? What a baby!

Yaniv’s case is to be heard after the morning break. Yaniv is waiting for his lawyer, who is apparently late for this mornings hearing.

Note that he is moving about with no apparent signs of pain or injury, all while carrying a large, heavy-looking backpack. He has not sat down in the courthouse at all. He’s very mobile – lots of neck movement to look up and down at his phone with no signs of pain.

The RCMP reviewed Donald’s proof that his charges were stayed and allowed him to access the courthouse, despite Yaniv’s protests.