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Scam Shutdown: Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs BC Paramedics CRT Case

L oh L, the phrase of the day. We’ve known for some time that Jessica Yaniv Simpson has been filing cases in the BC Human Rights and Civil Resolution Tribunals (separate venues) instead of BC court. There are various cases ongoing right now against Miriam’s strata, Donald Smith, Kari Simpson, and others. JY was most recently fueled by his $5,000 win against Expedia, caused entirely by negligence on the part of the Expedia’s lawyer.

Some of these cases are starting to make their way through to completion now, starting with today’s file, a complaint (or in JY’s idiotic words, lawsuit) filed against the Provincial Health Services Authority operating as BC Emergency Health Services (read: the paramedics that respond to JY when he calls 911).

I’ll get straight to the good news – JY is an idiot and never stood a chance of winning this.

Now the details…

  • JY called the paramedics 29 times between January and May 2021 (remember the calls to the fire service during this time so JY could sexually harass them?). Police and fire came during many of these calls.
  • JY alleges the paramedics damaged his stove by putting their equipment on it during a visit, but can’t say when it happened.
jessica yaniv simpson
  • JY claims they were bedridden (LOL) during this time and only discovered the damage “weeks later” (how would they know it was weeks later when they don’t know when it happened?)
  • Side note…can someone go back through old MM photos and find a picture of his stove…I bet the chip was there 2 years ago.
  • JY said that the paramedics “breach of standard of care” caused the damage.
  • JY admits they did not see the paramedics put anything on the stove. Ever.
  • JY’s mom wrote a statement that said she was present at almost every 911 call, but her statement doesn’t say she saw the stove get damaged.
  • JY had no before / after pictures to support when the damage could have occurred.
  • JY claimed $2,100 in damages, yet says the stovetop would cost “a few hundred dollars” to fix, and later says replacing the cooktop would cost “under $1,000”.
  • The tribunal member says that even if they believed the paramedics damaged it, which they don’t, JY can’t prove their claimed costs.
  • Because BCEHS did not claim any dispute-related expenses, they are not awarded any costs.
  • JY also demanded that certain paramedics be barred from responding to his calls. That was denied.
  • Because of all of the above, bye bye Jonny! Keep working at “law school”, chump.
20211130 JY vs PHSA CRT File
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