Sara Speaks Up, and Things Aren’t What They Seem

Whew boy, this one’s a doozy guys.

I recently received the email shown below and I wanted to do a little digging myself simply to verify the story being told. There have been rumours of Sara before, and a few popup-Sara’s on Twitter, so I had to make sure this was the Sara. It is.

I’m not ready to add my thoughts to this yet, but I sure hope you guys do in the comments! The email screenshots are below, and the text copy pasted below that for easier reading.

Along with this letter came a massive cloud drive with dozens of pictures and hours of chats that she screen recorded. I split it up into manageable ~10 minute chunks and the first four are being posted today to MeowTube. Check the Sara folder in the video gallery or scroll down to watch.

Dear MeowMix

I saw the open letter from Abby, and I’m grateful for her words and her efforts to keep vulnerable girls and women safe. I wanted to reach out sooner but I couldn’t.

Let me start from the beginning. Several months ago, Jessica Yaniv catfished a friend of mine online. I don’t want to get too specific about who since Yaniv is malicious and loves to take revenge on undeserving people. One of them is my friend. Yaniv gave her so much anxiety in the few days they talked and for weeks after she tried to throw him off. They weren’t in a relationship (but I bet in Yaniv’s messed up head they were). At first she wanted to be a friend to him, she’s a kind person and Yaniv obviously knows what to say to make kind people feel pity for him. He soon started to get creepily sexual, talking about being fwb and eventually hanging out at his where he has mattresses everywhere. We’re not even in the same country so how he thought that would happen, idek. My friend hasn’t had that kind of attention before so she went along with it for a bit – he knew just what to say to make play on her insecurities but also to guilt her into it too. Yaniv started to get really pushy and even creepier and she finally had had enough.

When it was obvious to him that my friend didn’t want anything to do with him, he started calling her all times of the day with withheld numbers. She got pranks calls at her job, harassing messages, gory pictures. It was obvious even with anonymous messages that it was Yaniv. He even threatened to send pictures of her to her family. It’s really done a number on her. She doesn’t trust people’s intentions now. 

No one messes with my friend. So I decided to get revenge. I read everything online about what he’s like, what kind of things he likes, and figured he had a “type”. So I made Sara.

She’s a completely fictional character. I wanted to expose the sick and twisted ways Yaniv’s mind works and I wanted to make him feel even a small bit like what my friend feels. The pictures I sent are from all over the web and then doctored. Hair, eyes, facial structure – everything has been edited so that no actual person in those photos is real. There is no Emily, no Sara, no one. Nothing is real – just how Yaniv likes it I guess.

I want to make a couple important notes:

1) I tried to stop Yaniv from going to Toronto. I told him not go. I said I was in Toronto because he was goingon about flying to Calgary. I did a lot of research into places close enough to him for HER to match us but I tried to keep a story that would keep him away. When he said he was going to Calgary, I quickly said we had flown to Toronto since I figured he wouldn’t be able to afford those flights. Apparently when a pedo is desperate to get to his victim, he finds more money from somewhere. Once he said he was in Toronto I freaked out and told another friend who was aware of the situation with our friend. I couldn’t work out what to do but I’m guessing he was the one who contacted someone in your group with some version of it all and then that all went to rebel media?

2. I know I may have taken the realism a bit too far but I needed him to be invested in Sara otherwise I figured he’d move on to the next victim and it would’ve been for nothing. 

3. This ruse isn’t a game and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. There were times that really made me sick, trying to play along with his fantasies hoping he’d mess up and reveal his most twisted thoughts and ideas. Even just ignoring his lies and the way he plays the victim was so difficult. He made me so angry all the time (yeah, I guess I brought it on myself). I wanted to end it multiple times and picked fights with him left, right, and centre but then he’d come crawling back and I thought “he’s in this for the long haul, he clearly has some big plan for Sara and (more likely) Emily).” And part of me also thought “if he’s invested in Sara and Emily, then he’s less likely to be going after someone else irl. 

4. I’m sorry if all of this has stressed people out, worrying about a real victim. Once I saw Abby’s letter, I figured it was time to get the truth out since I think it’s important that we keep actual victims/potential victims safe and give them all the support they need and deserve. The message in the letter still stands for all of Yaniv’s future victims (hopefully there won’t be anymore, or at least fewer).

Finally, to Jon I want to say, sort your life out: – stop catfishing girls on HER (including “seeing” multiple at once – poor Sara, she deserved better from the very beginning!)- you don’t need a counsellor, you need a psych facility with an intense, round the clock program for you to deal with your perversions and your narcissistic personality.- figure out how to be an actual member of society like learning social skills, being honest, clocking your own bullshit rather than living in a delusion.- speaking of delusion, the fact that you believed everything Sara said is ridiculous. But the biggest thing was that you believed she could be attracted to you and find you compelling. You need a harsh dose of reality and to see yourself for what and who you are if you’re ever going to get better. – stop pretending you’re a trans lesbian. The fact that you don’t want to interact with other, older trans people and wouldn’t post in the trans group on HER shows that you know they will call you out for what you are. I’m just not sure whether you know that consciously or subconsciously.


Not Sara.

May 31 – June 6

June 6 – 24

June 24 – July 16

July 16-28