Riley Speaks Up!

Riley was just 13 when she first encountered JY, who still went by Jonathan at the time. Her favorite band was Cimorelli, which placed her square in Jonathan’s target range and reach. Little did she know she would receive dick pics, crude messages, and in the end, instructions to kill herself.

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Yaniv had clearly mastered his grooming skills by this point. He expertly lured Riley in by connecting her with the Cimorelli girls over Skype, or a chance to record a radio intro to their songs. Soon enough, he started asking her for favors, which included tweeting out awful things to his enemies. If she refused, he would threaten to expose her to her family and friends. Even though Yaniv didn’t have anything to expose, she was young and scared, especially when he started going through her Facebook friends list and adding people. He told Riley she owed him for her Skype call to Cimorelli.

It didn’t take long for Yaniv’s true colors to show in these chats. He constantly asked Riley about her periods, or which tampons and pads she used. He would obsessively ask her questions about it, and even showed her a picture of his personal collection of pads. Keep in mind, this was pre-transition.

Sent by Jonathan, to Riley.

Yaniv’s compliments towards Riley hit every creepy note you can think of. He knew she was young, but would deflect that by saying she looked 17, 18, or in her early 20’s. She was 13, but he said she didn’t sound 13. He wanted to hire her to model for him. He said she was really mature for her age, but also wondered what 10 more years would do to her. He poured compliments on her every time they talked. Yaniv told her he wished she was his, and in the next breath begged her to tell him he was attractive too.

Riley started receiving creepy questions on the Ask.FM site, one that Yaniv is known for using in the past. When Riley told him her mother was going to call the cops if he didn’t stop asking her creepy questions, Yaniv suddenly acted as if someone was impersonating him. How many times have we heard that before?

Yaniv told Riley, and many other girls, that he worked for Cimorelli. At some point things went south with Yaniv and Cimorelli, which prompted him to define the fans like this:

Yaniv’s conversations with Riley occurred on Facebook, text, Skype, over the phone, and despite Yaniv saying he’s never used it, Snapchat. On Snapchat, Yaniv described the young girls from the local swim team changing in the locker room. In his words, they “literally get down to their pussy and boobs” and he wanted Riley’s advice on changing in front of them. He was eager to go face to face with these girls. Nude.

Also noteworthy is that Yaniv send a picture of his ass to Riley via Snapchat, and then later tried to downplay it by saying it was a mass snap. I’m honestly not sure how you make it better by saying you sent it to more people.

Back on the topic of Cimorelli, Yaniv was as two-faced and fake as always. He previously told Madison how the younger Cimorelli girl, Dani, was eyefucking him at the table when he showed up uninvited in Los Angeles. He added to this, telling Riley how Dani was such a flirt, and a “horny little hormonal girl”. He added that he thinks she’s adopted. Dani was 13.

There’s so much more here, but the pictures really do speak for themselves for the most part. In my conversations with Riley, she added that Yaniv often made racist remarks about people in the Cimorelli fanbase. When he was upset, he would send her Snapchat videos saying he was killing himself, or had just left the hospital after a suicide attempt.

Most notably, Yaniv used to send Riley pictures of him wearing boxers with an erection. He once sent a picture of the tip of his penis, asking her if it looked funny. Yaniv was eager to get a 13 year old girls opinion on his penis, but disguised is a medical curiosity. In return, he would ask her for full body pictures so he could “see her outfits”.

Yaniv turned on Riley the same way he turned on Louise. He would try to scare her, and he would use anonymous sites to tell her to kill herself. Riley knew it was him because Yaniv has such an identifiable way of writing online.

Yaniv used Riley’s fear of getting in trouble against her. He said he would tell her mom things, and Riley was genuinely afraid. Riley deleted her old accounts out of fear that she would get in trouble, not knowing that the truth was that Yaniv would be in far more hot water.

On the topic of Yaniv’s transition from male to female, Riley is skeptical. Yaniv told Riley he wanted to be a girl, and told her she was the first person she ever told this to. This is one more example of the way groomers make their victims feel special.

He often asked Riley what kind of porn she watched, and what her sexual kinks were, despite the fact that she was 13 and really had no interest in either of these things.

Yaniv offered to fly Riley across the country to meet him. He offered to let her stay with him. She said no, and knew it was creepy, but didn’t tell anyone out of fear of getting in trouble herself.

Things started to end when Riley started refusing to do Jonathan’s dirty work. He would tell her to attack his enemies on twitter by calling them names or repeating lies about them. She refused, and over time he went away.

However, when digging up old screenshots for this, Riley went into her Snapchat to screenshot some old messages. Yaniv saw her activity and, despite being several years later and being told to leave her alone, he still said hello, like they were old friends that needed to reconnect. She ignored him.

Yaniv’s relationship with Cimorelli ended, but his harassment of their fan base didn’t, and his targeting of young girls continues to this day. This man is truly a predator and a skilled child groomer that needs to be locked away.