jessica yaniv simpson

Rebel Replies: Is Jessica Yaniv Simpson Screwed?

Rebel Media has responded to Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s BC Supreme Court lawsuit. We are going to post our full analysis of it later once our legal expert has had a chance to review it. We’re all tight on time before the weekend hits so this is a short post.

Short version: Yaniv wants to fast track this through court, Yaniv applied to get a default order but found the Rebel reply and now it’ll be a fight.

20210804_JY vs Rebel Media - BC Supreme - Response to Notice of Claim
Download 475.1 KB
20210804_JY vs Rebel Media - BC Supreme - Requisition to Search Court File and Default Order
Download 231.2 KB
20210401_JY vs Rebel Media - BC Supreme - Notice of Fast Track Action
Download 15.5 KB

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