RCMP Want to Arrest Yaniv, JY Trolls Them

Frank Abignail Junior, JY is not. More like Jonny Happymeal without the fries.

It’s a pretty hairy ballsy move of Yaniv, trying to make cops think he’s in one place when he’s in another. I’m not worried though. I’m convinced an RCMP cruiser tire is smarter than Yaniv is.

Yesterday, Yaniv posted this picture below, taken in a small town on Vancouver Island – five minutes away from the country home of Char Millingston, an inspiring woman that Yaniv stalked at last years Miss BC contest before he was ejected from it. She attends this church. I talked to Char. She’s hurt, to be honest. It’s the one year anniversary of their meeting at the pageant and Yaniv couldn’t even invite her for a beer. Probably because he’s an alcoholic and drank it all.

Today, July 10, Yaniv posted this.

Funny enough, Meow Mix insiders in Victoria, BC say it’s been cloudy and dreary for a couple days, something you can kind of make out from the first picture with Yaniv. It looks to me like the building is in shade, not direct sunlight. It’s also very odd that Yaniv cropped out so much of the building.

Side note…across from this building is Victoria’s inner harbour, the now infamous location where Yaniv said that a family of people wearing turbans should be “pushed in” to the water.

The building should should look like this. Yaniv cut out the best parts. Could it possibly be because his fat lumpy ass isn’t there right now? He’s just trolling people – us and the police.

It’s OK though guys. Yaniv is going to get arrested. He’s a greaseball but he’s no genius. Maybe if he upgraded a little bit he could make it to Canada’s Dumbest Criminals.

Why do I say dumb? Aside from the obvious reasons? Because Yaniv’s fat ass was seen in Miriam’s car in Victoria…I know Jonathan reads this. We saw you, Jonny.

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