Raygen Speaks Up! (And JY Panics!)

This is the story of JY’s future. This is the bed JY has made and this is the bed JY must lie in every night. This is the story of someone that knows and loves people in the trans community and has experienced being a victim in the past and decided to take some action herself against a cyberbully predator that pretends to be transgender to get their rocks off.

Raygen is what JY needs to watch for every day for the rest of his life – someone who knows exactly what JY is and is simply befriending them to expose them. She had heard about JY and knew she could leverage her age and social media skills to take Yaniv down.

Before we get to the results of her efforts and her bravery it’s worth noting just how manipulative JY can be. Raygen went into this fully informed and prepared and she still told me how she almost started feeling bad for JY. This is textbook gaslighting. JY twisted everything around so Raygen felt like the bad guy, at least for a brief second. She knows Yaniv is a liar and twists things and she quickly shook his efforts to groom her. It’s still scary!

Lets start with this. When this came out yesterday, Yaniv freaked out and tried to post some screenshots on Twitter of a girl saying she’s 18. He says everyone is lying online and this girl is legal age. Except…that isn’t who released the videos. Raygen did, and Yaniv knew she was 16. How? See for yourself.

Clearly Yaniv was panicking as this stuff was coming out. I’ll end this article with his reaction once he figured out it was Raygen!

There are 17 videos total, 4 of which were released previously, and a couple dozen photos. Scroll left and right to view the pictures below, and keep scrolling for the videos.

Who could he be talking about? Raygen says it was Blaire White.

The snapchat voice. The filters. The way he says pussy while talking about COVID19. Going commando? I can’t.

Yaniv claiming someone called him saying they were in his building with a shotgun but he called the non-emerg line instead of 911. The best part? The RCMP tell him to shut the fuck up and quit wasting resources! Of course Yaniv plays the “OMG IM A TAXPAYER” card.

And this one? He got fired from Vector Marketing because of everyones social media efforts lately. Of course, Yaniv blames being transphobia for this. He said someone named Chris contacted his manager. Was it Chris Elston? @facepalmchris? Another one? Regardless, Yaniv deserves it. Nobody wants someone with weapons offences coming into their home selling knives.

Short video but Yaniv admits to being good at sucking and blowing on things. Hmmm…

Yaniv telling Raygen how he can’t stop playing with his “breasts”.

Yaniv talking about tampons and COVID-19, and then asking Raygen to help him select tampons, claiming he has no idea and has never been able to use them properly.

Yaniv watching a Fox News story about his salon cases with his commentary. This needs to be exposed – Yaniv is laughing at the women that lost their jobs and money.

More rambling bathtub video. Ellie do you remember these?

Before watching the next two, remember that Yaniv tells doctors that he never drinks. Try to count the bottles and leave a comment below.

And now the pictures.

First, Yaniv told this 16 year old girl how he wanted to have the “perfect coin slot pussy”. I won’t share it on here but he also sent Raygen a picture of what he considered a perfect coin slot pussy. That’s right – we have evidence that Yaniv shared pornography with a minor. It is being reported to police, and CyberTip has been contacted. I will not post the picture here, but let’s just say a neovagina doesn’t look like this.

If you’re into that kinda thing, Yaniv will Lady-and-the-Tramp-spaghetti your tampon for you. BRB vomiting.

And how does this end? Yaniv figured it out, perhaps because Raygen didn’t hide it at all. She’s safe in another country, far from his greasy reach.

For the record, Raygen didn’t send Yaniv nudes. Nobody will ever send nudes to Yaniv unless they’re fake and they’re baiting him.

Gaslighting much?

Yaniv figured it out and tried to hide the evidence, deleting the Snapchat conversation and blocking Raygen. Too late.

Enjoy the rest of your life Yaniv. You wanted attention. You have it.

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