Racist Jonathan Yaniv Sings Again!

The Hawaii video is certainly the highlight of weekend but let’s not forget the makeup livestream before that one.

It’s mostly boring. It’s several minutes of Yaniv looking like an idiot, badly applying makeup, dressed like a senior citizen, hair visibly dirty. But one part stands out, and we’ve cut the video down to those few seconds below:

Racist Jonathan Yaniv

This song, entitled “My Neck, My Back”, by Khia, includes several uses of the word “ni**a”. I checked the lyrics. It’s the N word with an “a”, not “er”.

It’s important to note that Khia is an African American singer. If she wants to use that word, all the power to her.

Yaniv, however, may not. It is never ok for a white person to use the n word in any context, even singing a lyric. You can say the other hundred words without that one.

Jon, a notorious racist, not only changed it from “ni**a* to *ni**er”, he EMPHASIZED it.

Racism has no place in society today Jonathan. Neither does your pedophilia, grifting, stealing, lying, or cheating. To be honest, you have no place in society Jon. You should be locked up.