jessica yaniv simpson racist

Racist Jessica Yaniv Simpson Threatens MeowMixer. We Lol’d.

Literally the weakest, most frail, fragile, idiotic powerless creature on earth Jessica Yaniv Simpson apparently didn’t enjoy that we posted his previous TikTok videos. In his infinite wisdom, he went on TikTok live and attacked us. Derp.

The video is below, but before that, we also received this picture. It was sent by Yaniv on Snapchat. Racist much?

jessica yaniv simpson racist

No, Jon, they won’t. Because you’ll never have one.

And, not to be that guy that talks tough on the interwebz, but come on Jon. Do you really think you could fight ANYONE? Your only two “wins” were against reporters that wanted you to assault them and your gullible ass fell for it. If you met Donald alone in an alley you’d be so fucked up you’d think you finally lost your virginity. Literally anyone could handle you. You’re not a tough guy Yaniv. Not at all. You’re a coward that hid in your parkade shadows while a middle aged man in Harry Potter glasses and a piece of plywood looked at you (no offense Chris!). He didn’t even approach you. He LOOKED at you and you sat there whimpering from the parkade and called 911. Cut the tough guy shit. You couldn’t hold your own in a fight with gravity.

And now to the feature presentation, yellow-eyed yellowbelly Jonathan Jessica Yaniv Simpson thinks he’s tough. I wonder why he won’t come at me. Debate me Jon. Let’s do it. Any time, any platform pal.