Psychopath Cyberbully Yaniv Attacks, Jenna Fights Back

Several weeks ago Yaniv set his eyes on Jenna, and an attractive young woman that he thought be vulnerable. He almost drove her to kill herself. In fact, he encouraged it. We spoke with Jenna at that time.

Johnny, clearly outraged, tried to post a comment on Jenna’s article, which of course we blocked. To be clear, the universe is on Jenna’s side.

Jenna has had time and support and she’s in a better place, and she stood up for herself recently, resulting in Yaniv the psychopath coming at her hard, even encouraging her (again) to kill herself. What’s more is that he logged on to an account using his moms name to do the same. They’ve threatened her with violence and lawsuits, but this time she’s not backing down.

@sketchartist001 is Jenna.

We asked Jenna how she feels lately, and why she’s pushing back so hard, and this is what she has to say:

Honestly it’s been making me feel a good mix of emotions ranging from sad to vengeful. The threats, bullying and harassment suck because I’ve spent the better part of my 18 years on this planet struggling with confidence issues but on the other hand the fact that yaniv is so dead set on hurting me and “winning” against me just makes me want to continue this fight even more.”

When asked what her goal is, she replied:

I have many goals for this fight. I want yaniv to realize that he cannot and will not victimize another person. I want him to understand that what he’s doing is wrong (even though we both know his heads too far up his ass for that to happen) I want all these threats he’s making towards myself and others to be a part in what sends him to prison once and for all. I want people to learn my story and learn that yaniv doesn’t just go after minors and people he thinks he can get with sexually.

And how is she keeping her mental health safe from his psychopathic narcissistic mind games?

“I’m relying heavily on my coping mechanisms, my friends in real life and the ones I’ve made thanks to this fight. I’ve also learned to just block it out because I know Yaniv is just jealous of me.”

Yaniv has a history of preying on the vulnerable. Today, Jenna stole some of his strength. Every new voice takes more of his strength away. Yaniv is truly a weak, sensitive, lonely little man in the body of a weak, sensitive, lonely, fat man.