Psychoanalyzing JY.

Jessica Yaniv, Jonathan Yaniv, potato, potato. Whatever you call this person, it’s universally agreed that there must be some underlying mental health issues driving their behavior.

We recently consulted a registered psychologist to discuss some of Yaniv’s behavior, including topics like gender dysphoria, fetishes, predatory activity, and claims of being an activist.

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The first sentence used to summarize Yaniv is one we can all agree with – “He’s severely personality disordered. Not much about him is even consistent with gender dysphoria. It’s much more like a sexual fetish. Very immature man.”

When you look at Yaniv as a whole – everything you know about him – what jumps out first at you?

Immature and disingenuous. Yaniv presents with extreme attention seeking behavior that is maladaptive and self serving. He has serious psychological problems that impact his ability to function in normal society.

Why do you think he targets younger girls? Some have speculated that he’s underdeveloped and may find them easier to relate to than adults?

This speculation holds truth. Yaniv is delayed in terms of social/ emotional development. I estimate he is arrested around age 15. This is not uncommon in sexual predators. Yaniv targets young girls because he is most comfortable socializing with them, and he is sexually attracted to them. Yaniv does not have the social skills set to be able to communicate with older women due to his arrested development. Yaniv also lacks the ability to communicate or develop relationships with other men. Simply, he doesn’t have the skills to build relationships with anyone other than young girls.

Yaniv and his mother don’t appear to think JY’s pathological social deficits are a problem. They are. It isn’t healthy or normal for a grown man to associate with young girls. Therapy could help Yaniv change, but sadly, Yaniv doesn’t see a problem with his behavior.

Do you think that lack of maturity – or development – also causes his insatiable need for power? That’s how I view this racism (thinks he’s better than POC), lawsuits (he wants to show his power), and even the way he constantly tags celebs or big businesses social media accounts. It’s as if he wants you to think he’s associated with them, or equal to them.

Partially. The lack of maturity contributes to Yaniv’s perception that he is a powerful voice (in reality he is not). The insatiable need for power is likely more related to underlying personality disorders and attention deficit. Yaniv is a histrionic attention seeker. Drama king to the extreme. He will do anything for attention. He seeks public attention and sympathy by deliberately putting himself in the victim role. He presents himself as “trans” and claims discrimination to benefit from the victim role. He has multiple unfounded medical issues that allow him to benefit from being in the patient role. The constant engagement of big organizations and emergency services is a tactic to create an audience to meet his attention seeking needs. And attention equals power for Yaniv.

Yaniv is not interested in fighting or ending discrimination. Yaniv is very much seeking to be discriminated against. Being a victim of discrimination holds a lot of power these days.

That’s true. I know everyone is free to decide their own sexual preferences, etc., and, without judgment of course, what do you think of Yaniv’s true sexuality? It’s he trans? Gender dysphoria? Gay? Straight?

I am far from convinced that Yaniv has gender dysphoria and is truly trans. I think Yaniv is a straight male who has jumped on the bandwagon of transgenderism as a way to reconcile his lack of confidence in his masculinity and inability to connect with adult men (socially) and adult women (both socially and sexually). Additionally, being trans brings attention and sympathy. Yaniv wants to be “special”. This is clearly evident in his history (multiple unfounded medical disabilities, use of a mobility scooter). Yaniv also sees the trans identity as a way to bring himself closer to women and girls. It serves as a bridge to facilitate access and friendship with the opposite sex through commonality.

Have you seen the stories Yaniv has told of his sexual experiences? I shared links, including the MandaLeaks log and screenshots of another discussion where Yaniv described a sexual experience to another young girl.

I’m not surprised. Yaniv lacks the social skills to have a normal sex life for a 32-year-old man. There’s a lot in common between Yaniv and incels, however the trans thing is quite incongruent with incels. He’s a very socially undeveloped straight beta male.

What about the tampons and period fetish?

Psychologically, there’s nothing wrong with having a fetish as long as it doesn’t interfere with one’s life negatively, or negatively impact others. Yaniv is an example where the fetish harms both himself and others. At this point, it is a disorder requiring treatment. His pursuit of the fetish has isolated him, made countless girls uncomfortable, and arguably interferes with the rights of women as a whole. Why does he like periods and tampons so much – I’m not sure. But it is incredibly concerning and needs intervention.

I think Yaniv knows he doesn’t actually experience a menstrual cycle. However, he enjoys the attention of claiming he does. And purchasing the pads and tampons is a sexual thrill to him. Quite bluntly – wearing a pad gives him a hard on.

So, if all of this is linked to psychological disorders, it’s curious why doctors are prescribing him so many meds.

I guarantee Yaniv isn’t honest with his doctors. But Yaniv loves being in the sick patient role. I would imagine he has many medications prescribed that he doesn’t need/ barely needs because he is so dramatic and engages so many doctors. However, I’m doubtful Yaniv is seeing a Psychiatrist or being prescribed mental health medications. Yaniv would not respond well to the way mental health clinicians challenge your behaviours.

Having worked with doctors, I can confidently say the only reason Yaniv got a gynecologist referral was because the referring doctor didn’t want to be labelled and transphobic and just wanted Yaniv to shut up. The referring doctor isn’t an idiot, he or she knows a gynecologist doesn’t treat men.

But evidently doctors are prescribing hormones and drugs often used by gender dysphoric people.

I know. However, the process to get these prescriptions now is extremely easy. You simply have to self declare as transgender and consent to the potential side effects. Without getting into the political debate, many feel there isn’t enough screening before hormone therapy starts. I tend to agree, in part because of cases like Yaniv. But I’ll leave it at that.

Why would Yaniv be willing to screw up his body and mind with meds just for attention?

People with Yaniv’s personality structure tend to think in the short term as opposed the long term. I’m not sure Yaniv has given it much thought.

Regardless of whether or not Yaniv has legitimate medical issues, I do not believe they are truly disabling. It seems to me that Yaniv would be prone to interpreting normal body functions and minor ailments as emergency and life-threatening situations. This is fueled by underlying personality disorders and perhaps some anxiety.

Look up borderline personality disorders, histrionic personality disorders, and narcissistic personality disorder

I shared another article written by a Meow Mix guest author analyzing the psyche of Yaniv, notably the dark triad of personality disorders.

It’s well written. But I’m not quite convinced Yaniv has psychopathy. While he does have traits, he doesn’t have the typical criminal history you see in psychopaths. Psychopaths also don’t tend to care if people don’t like them. Yaniv does.

I shared an article on Meow Mix comparing Yaniv’s behaviour to the common traits of a serial killer.

It’s a very true and blunt reality check. Yaniv doesn’t even realize the damage he’s done to himself. It’s quite astonishing the lack of insight.

I’m not convinced Yaniv will kill someone, but I do think the risk of sexually assaulting someone is quite high. Yaniv has no respect of women, despite relating to them in some ways. Yaniv does, however, seem to back down to male authority.

I also shared with article from Kenzi, and the impact that Yaniv’s fetish had on her.

Yes, I’ve read that one. It’s very well written. Clear predatory behaviour solely to feed his sexual fetish. I’m concerned how many girls have actually sent him pictures and videos.

Why does Yaniv think he’s so attractive? I don’t mean to sound rude, but he’s not exactly an attractive male or female, but he acts like he belongs on a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover

It’s all an image. Yaniv knows he isn’t that attractive. But he claims he is, again, for attention. He’s setting himself up to be called ugly, tranny, etc. That gives him a reason to further complain about being the victim of discrimination, etc. Yaniv is trying to get into beauty pageants for women solely to claim discrimination if they refuse or he loses.

Is there a chance he actually thinks he’s attractive? I’m not questioning your expertise, but when you watch his livestreams, you can see him checking himself out on the camera. He’s constantly eyefucking himself.

Yaniv’s self image is unstable. At times it’s almost narcissistic and at other times it’s “I’m anorexic because people fat shame me”. This is consistent with borderline personality disorders. I’m sure there are times he truly believes he’s amazing looking, but deep down he knows better.

My wife has commented that she’s worried the effect all this is having on me. I think I’m handling it ok. This guy is just a loser. But talking privately with some of these women is hard.

I know the feeling. I used to counsel kids and had several disclose sex abuse for the first time. It mostly made me angry, but I took comfort knowing I was able to do something for them. The girls who have come to meow Mix are getting a form of justice.

That’s what several have said. They’ve thanked me for giving them this outlet. At first it sounded weird. I wasn’t doing it for them. I was doing it to expose Yaniv. But then I saw that I was also providing this safe platform to them…. That feels good.

My prediction is Yaniv’s days are numbered. He will be declared a vexatious litigant. And then he will get arrested for child luring or porn. He will also get convicted of the current charges. It is a massive joke, but he created it.

I’m hoping so. I honestly don’t know if he belongs more in a jail or a mental health facility.

Jail. Although he’s got mental health issues – they are not to the point that he isn’t in control of his behaviour or disabled. He is capable of knowing right from wrong.

Donald Smith is an example of someone with a disability due to mental health. He’s much lower functioning than Yaniv. He really shouldn’t be in jail

Thanks so much for answering so many of my questions. I really appreciate it.