J. Yaniv’s Plagiarized Life

As of the February 25, 2020, Yaniv’s Twitter bio reads, “Lesbian warrior Princess Woman Friend, Daughter & Tech Blogger. She/Her/Hers. Human rights advocate. Model. Social Justice Warrior. Marketer. #LGBTQ2S Rainbow flag”. I’m not sure he could possibly fit more buzzwords into one header. Someone tell this guy it’s not 2005 anymore – copypasta catchphrase headlines aren’t really a thing anymore.

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That seems to be a big thing for Yaniv – he copies everything, even himself. He’ll copy celeb tweets and present them as his own in an effort to garner sympathy, like he did with Cory Dixon.

Yaniv will copy other LGBT activists tweets and present them as his own in an effort to appear brave and bold, like he did with Kat’s tweet below.

Yaniv will even copy paste his own messages from teen girl to teen girl, as shown in the example below. Our recent Q&A with Riley left another young woman that we spoke with, Madison, shaken up after seeing that Yaniv was sending literally copy-pasted messages to both of them at the same time.

Yaniv’s TrustedNerd tech blog website was filled with reposted content and plagiarized material, often the kind you see on spam websites with sketchy .ru URL’s and more pop-ups than Yaniv gets in his pants when he visits Chuck E Cheese.

There’s also this beauty, directly from the front page of his website despite being 7 years old. Note the text on his blog is copied word for word.

What else has Yaniv copied? Let’s make a quick list:

  • Morgane Oger’s lawsuit against Bill Whatcott
  • Literally trying to copy women’s gender
  • Many of his anti-Donald claims are indeed directly copied from his anti-Andrew Barron claim
  • Dora the Explorer (see below)
  • Hair (wigs)
  • His mothers outfits
  • Entering pageants (after other trans women did).
  • Amanda Todd – her video went viral and he’s referenced it numerous times trying to get the same sympathy.
  • Business tactics (the whole “spam a website and then offer to help them fix it” bit is a centuries old scam).
  • A gluten allergy – Yaniv commented on other Twitter users posts that he shared their gluten allergy, despite his love for pizza and cake.
  • The #MeToo movement – only Yaniv could so desperately want to be a victim of sexual assault and brags about it openly on social media. Everyone else thinks it’s their worst nightmare.
  • Yaniv shared a picture of young teens (they appear to be around 13-14 years old) and said their “simplistic” look was what he was trying to copy. The teens were very thin, very young looking.
JY’s Dora the Explorer cosplay, complete with backpack. Note JY’s stomach hanging out.

The fakes and lies continue into JY’s real world as well. Many of the medical claims JY has made have been after his encounters with people that genuinely have those medical conditions. When Yaniv sees the support they receive, whether it’s things like compassion and care from friends and family, or more tangible things like money and handouts, Yaniv makes claims that are very hard to disprove unless you have access to confidential medical records. This includes things like brain tumors, seizures, cancer, having a uterus, and so on.

In fact, many even argue that Yaniv’s entire transgender effort is simply an attempt to copy the success that other transgender people had in their lawsuits against people for discrimination (i.e. Oger). Yaniv’s long internet history and recent activity online are very focused on hetero male-female sex. He often talks about his penis, erections, ejaculations, and has even commented that a girl made him “cum all over the walls and ceiling”. Even as recently as last fall, the Mandaleaks chat logs included comments about his penis and implied masturbation.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with masturbation or transitioning genders or even most of the wild kinks out there, but there is something wrong when someone is doing it fraudulently to gain sympathy, validation, and even money.

Let’s end this with a joke: What do you call a guy that steals content on a daily basis and then files DMCA complaints against everyone else for posting content that exposes him?

Jonathan Yaniv, that’s what. Except…He prefers Jessica. Why? Could it be he copied the name shared by more than one of his previous victims? Would you really put it past JY to copy that too? I wouldn’t.

Just in case you think words are the only thing Yaniv steals, watch for a future post about Yaniv’s efforts to scam Cops for Cancer out of donation money while pretending to be a model.

Did we miss anything else that Yaniv has copied? Leave us a comment and we’ll dig into it!

Don’t forget to check out the Meowtube folder called Reporting and Whining that shows a ton of Yaniv’s complaints about others copying his content.