Physio Bed Lawsuit Roadblock

Yaniv was hoping for a quick buck but it looks like the legal team defending against Yanivs physio bed lawsuit have done their homework. Instead of offering Yaniv easy cash to go away, which I’m sure was Yanivs goal, they’re pushing back, demanding actual evidence of JYs claimed injuries.

Meow Mix obtained a copy of the most recent court document directly from the BC Court Services office in Surrey.

Unfortunately for JY no such records exist. The first 100+ page medical document was simply pages of notes from online doctors appointments with almost nothing relevant to this case.

What will JY do now? Try to manufacture evidence? Claim the breaking physio bed caused something crazy like PTSD?

Yaniv, people at starting to say no you. Welcome to reality. It’s only going to worsen for you. We’ve figured you out.

Meow Mix will update you when the next settlement is scheduled.

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