JY’s Achieves Peak Mansplaining. With Tampons.

We recently received the following video. You need to watch this before continuing on. The cringe ratio is strong in this one.

At the time of writing this, that 9 second clip had garnered over 27,000 views on Twitter. I can’t think of a single video of Yaniv’s with more wrong-per-second than this one.

0:00: It’s captioned “To those girls who say they cant use a tampon. You serious?” with two laughing emojis. In other words, JY is calling out women everywhere that can’t use tampons and he’s going to set you straight.

0:01: Yaniv turns their head cockeyed, managing to look campy and condescending at the same time. Note that this model and social justice warrior hasn’t brushed or washed their hair in days, if not weeks. I’m also pretty sure that’s the same shirt they were wearing in half of the Raygen videos.

0:02: Yaniv pulls back from the camera, clearly about to show you something. It’s about this time that you notice there’s some awful rap in the background. You can see his face begin to contort. Also bear in mind Yaniv’s recent claim of being “not fat at all”.

0:03: Yaniv’s poorly manicured hand waves in front of his face, as if to say, “Look at me!”. His facial expression changes. A smile creeps onto his face, his eyebrows raise, and you can almost hear him say, “I’m gonna teach you something”.

0:04: If you didn’t want to smack him already, you will now. His head twitches, as if he’s in disbelief that you can’t use a tampon. Watch the next 1.5 seconds carefully. When his head shakes, you can see multiple chins jiggling.

0:05: A wild tampon appears!

0:06: JY points, making sure you notice it’s size. It’s only a couple inches. Geez girls. What’s your problem? It’s not like it gets any bigger right?

0:07: The tampon is thrown aside but his sausage fingers reappear, again showing the size.

0:08: Yaniv points at the size gap, making sure you see it. His head is tilted. He’s clearly looking down on you.

0:09: If you didn’t hate Yaniv before this, you do now. He shakes his head in disbelief, criticizing you for complaining about tiny little tampons.

You need to play through a couple times before you realize the song in the background is saying, “Can you really take a dick or nah?”. This is a song by Ty Dolla $ign and the Weeknd and Wiz Khalifa. The lyrics get much worse.

So what’s the point of Yaniv’s video? Is he saying “if you can take a dick, you can take a tampon.”? Is he saying “look how tiny this is, obviously a vagina is big enough for it.”. Does he even know anything about a vagina?

Does this period fetishist have any clue about how some girls react to tampons, or how they’re uncomfortable? Does he think they really fill up with nice blue fluid like the commercial show? Does he not realize how big they swell up and how uncomfortable they can be?

Ladies, I’ll just say it. I’m a guy, and I don’t have the first clue about this stuff, but I know there can be medical reasons not to use tampons, not to mention personal preference. But for JY to make a video like this, attacking any woman that doesn’t want tampons, is revolting. Women don’t make videos like this. It is such a shitty pervy man thing to do to try to point out something like a tampon and criticize a woman about her choices regarding stuffing things into her vagina.

Someone said it best on Twitter, and I’ve stolen her line: #Peakmansplaining.

Who the F is this person to try to dictate to women everywhere how to manage their periods and criticize their tampon choices?

JY…when you get to prison, I hope someone snuggles up real close to you and whispers in your ear “Can you really take a dick or nah?” as you bite the pillow.

Ladies, what do you think of this video? How far is Yaniv overstepping here? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts please. I know he reads the site.

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