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Oct 15, 2020: Jessica Yaniv Simpson Legal Updates

To be updated throughout the day October 15, 2020. Jessica Yaniv Simpson has at least two hearings – one involving Donald Smith and another regarding his application against the Township of Langley. I will update as info comes in. Hearings are scheduled to start at 9:30 AM PST.

Oct 16, 2020 Update: Yesterday’s brief but noteworthy court appearances (via teleconference) ended with a bit of excitement. Specifically, Yaniv’s case has been kicked upstairs to the boss, so to speak. This is great news for Donald, at least potentially.

The case was given to Regional Administrative Judge Robert Hamilton, who appeared on this unrelated video. Yesterday afternoon, Judge Hamilton phoned Yaniv and Donald Smith to inform them that he would be scheduling a full half day, in-person hearing. Judge Hamilton also commented that it was unusual for their to be give separate applications in this file – some from JY and some from DFS, and that he would be looking at the entire case on it’s face.

It’s important to point out that some of the previous judges that Yaniv dealt with report to Judge Hamilton, and it’s almost impossible that Yaniv’s name would not have come up in their weekly meetings. This is bad news for Yaniv. He won’t be going into court as a poor, innocent trans-woman victim. Instead, Judge Hamilton will be fully informed – a worst case scenario for Yaniv.

This likely won’t be the venue where Yaniv is finally declared a vexatious litigant, but it is an important step in that direction. It also means the BC Court system has realized that something is fishy here and they made an administrative decision to review the entire thing as a whole instead of how Yaniv wanted it – one little application here and there to multiple different judges, hoping to avoid detection. As predicted, Yaniv’s attempt to go unnoticed was about as stealthy as a battleship in duck pond.

Hopefully, Judge Hamilton sees through Yaniv’s lies, and, hopefully, Judge Hamilton sees Donald’s challenges and works with him fairly.

The date for this has not yet been set but I will make sure MeowMix has a friend in attendance when we find out.

2:30 PM PST: I accidentally deleted my last update. Oops. Sounds like Yaniv has been making prank calls while awaiting his afternoon court hearing. Some people are receiving texts as well, saying typical Yaniv things like “Meow” and using slurs. I’ll keep you posted.

11:50 AM PST: Some thoughts…

It sounds like the BC Court is steering several of Yaniv’s cases to one judge and one court. Are they finally catching on to his antics? Have they realized that Yaniv is a vexatious litigant and they’re going to bring these events together to try to spot a pattern? Judge Ray Charles could spot this pattern…

11:45 AM PST: The judge opened the case by telling both Yaniv and Smith that one judge is going to hear three cases simultaneously, although it was unclear exactly which three. We will advise when we learn details, but note that we will not be able to listen in to this call. Fortunately, we have friends that will share info.

Other notes were that Yaniv tried twice more to interrupt the judge to state someone was repeatedly meowing and recording the call. I heard one meow myself, not multiple. Yaniv lied, again. There is also no indication anyone is recording it, but while Donald was trying to ask the judge a question, Yaniv cut him off and told the judge that Donald was recording the hearing. Donald denied this.

The judge and court clerks entirely ignored Yaniv’s complaints about meowing and recording.

11:30 AM PST Update: Court has been slowly working it’s way through cases today and should hear JY’s case(s) soon.

Side note: Someone “Meowed” on the call. Probably not a good idea. We don’t want Yaniv to have ammunition of any sort (although I will admit I lol’d).

Yaniv tried to complain about the Meow and was ignored, and also claimed that someone was recording the hearing. It is illegal to record court hearings in Canada in most cases and there has been no indication that anyone is record. Yaniv states this paranoid theory each hearing without basis.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs DFS Background Info and Update

In the last couple weeks, we’ve seen Jessica Yaniv Simpson escalate his legal efforts against Donald Smith, including filing additional applications in court, refusing to accept service of documents, and, we believe, misleading the court about a certain judge being a family friend in an effort to bar that judge from hearing future applications on this matter.

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On October 7, MeowMix reported on these latest applications. During the telephone court hearing, Yaniv repeatedly (and dishonestly) attacked Kari Simpson and Donald Smith and demanded the judge issue arrest warrants for contempt of court.

The Judge saw through Yaniv’s bullshit and denied everything, before going on to call Yaniv disrespectful and denying his entire application.

We’ve finally received a copy of that order, which is available below and in the MeowMix library.

Earlier in this article I mentioned how Yaniv was likely dishonest in his requisition to have Judge David Albert barred from hearing this claim. Yaniv claims that Albert is a family friend. We’re skeptical.

Why didn’t Yaniv try to bar him before?

Why didn’t Yaniv file this in any other BC Provincial Court or Supreme Court applications? Albert participates in both.

I suspect – and I emphasize that this is speculation – that Yaniv has some other problem with Judge Albert. We know Yaniv doesn’t have a long list of family friends, and certainly not well connected ones like a provincial court judge. If this Judge – who was only appointed 24 months ago – is such a close family friend, why didn’t he represent or help Yaniv in his past legal ventures?

Could it be that this judge has made decisions that Yaniv disagrees with? Maybe he represented someone Yaniv didn’t like during his years as a lawyer? My hope is that the MeowMix community will be able to dig something up that exposes this. For the record, I am extremely skeptical that Yaniv is a family friend, and I firmly believe this is an attempt by Yaniv to avoid being heard by this Judge.

It’s the type of thing he’s done before – make reviews, complaints, statements, etc to steer results in his favour. One would think that this could lead to problems for Yaniv if the BC Court investigated, but it’s pretty simple for Yaniv to argue his way out of this – he could simply state, “I’m sorry, my mother said she knew you.” and that would be the end of it.

Let me know if you guys dig anything up.