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November 2020 Wrap-Up

November turned out to be yet another banner month for Jonathan Jessica Yaniv Simpson. No new frivolous suits this month, but plenty of threats to destroy people’s lives doing so. Death threats were made and reported to the Langley RCMP from three different countries, and we hope passed on to Yaniv’s Probation Officer. More plagiarism, more grifting, more scams, more hate speech, and more worrisome, the doxxing of a young woman in Toledo on November 26. In other words, while the rest of us were starting to get ready for the holidays, it was just another sad month in the wasted life of Jonny Yaniv.

Before we carry on with November’s wrap-up, we want to point out one new thing that Yaniv did which really illustrates just what an abomination he is and why he needs to be locked up. While MeowMix can be brutally honest in our commentary and reporting, CHILDREN ARE ALWAYS OFF LIMITS. When we first learned about Sara and her child Emily (before we learned that Emily did not exist), we never mentioned the child except to express concern about her wellbeing. We were concerned for her safety, if she was going to be anywhere near Yaniv. We did not threaten or try to use her to get at her mother.

Yaniv has threatened children in the past and did so again this past month when he threatened a child of one of our MeowMix family. I want people to know and to remember this, especially since the RCMP and the BC Justice System still treat him as either a nuisance or a joke. Be prepared to bear witness. We are.

But, karma being the lady that she is, balanced the scales somewhat by gracing MeowMix with two bombshell Yaniv exposés in return, one on November 6, the second on the 27th. Carry on dear readers.

On November 4, the Township of Langley filed their reply to Yaniv’s lawsuit as ordered by the court on October 30 when the court threw out Yaniv’ fraudulent motion for a default judgement to be granted. As expected, the town rejected each and every claim that Yaniv had made. It makes for fascinating reading and documents Yaniv not so much as a victim but as an abuser of emergency services. How much has he cost the publicly funded system? How many legitimate victims have suffered while the EMT’s had to play silly bugger with Yaniv?

Chris Elston, also locally known in the lower mainland of BC as BillBoard Chris, is an activist who has traveled the country trying to raise awareness about the gender politics indoctrination of children. He hasn’t proclaimed it on his Twitter account (even once, let alone twice like Yaniv), he just gets out there and does it.

This, and the attention Elston has been getting, infuriated Yaniv, who already had a history with Chris. On November 5, Yaniv launched a flurry of  homophobic and threatening tweets and snaps. He even called for the trans community in Montreal to call the local police and file false reports (like he did with Donald Smith). He claimed (while being almost 5000 km away)  that Chris was on GRS Montreal property causing a disturbance and upsetting its patients.

jessica yaniv simpson
jessica yaniv simpson

In fact, as a posted video showed when a GRS representative came out to talk to Chris, he was on the public sidewalk. The two had a respectful conversation, which further infuriated Yaniv, causing him to send out a flurry of questionable tweets which were pretty much ignored by everyone including Chris, the GRS Clinic and the trans community.

Speaking of the trans community, Yaniv is back to stalking Emily Tressa, a young trans woman that spoke up against him to MeowMix. Yaniv was sharing her TikTok videos on Snapchat as if they had something in common. She blocked his TikTok account. Nicola Spurling and Chelsko also disavowed Yaniv this month.

November 6 was a huge day for us here at MeowMix. Cimorelli broke their long silence about Yaniv and we published the truth about their  relationship with the then Jonathan Yaniv. Read the article and you too will be shocked at extent of the lies that Yaniv has been perpetrating for years.

November 6 also saw Yaniv’s defence lawyer, Andrew Coulthard, appear on his behalf regarding the Rebel Media assault charge. The matter was put off until November 24, when one of Coulthard’s law students entered a not guilty plea. Yaniv, rather than accepting a plea deal, has elected to go to trial.

It was interesting to note that many of the observers who listened into the November 24 proceedings all agreed that the whenever the student had to say Yaniv’s name, she sounded repulsed, disgusted, and disdainful. Yaniv responded to the day’s reveals in his usual manner with diversionary threats and insults on Twitter and SnapChat.

November 7 was the first day that MeowMix was sent a copy of a warning poster that local safety activists (not Yaniv) had created and were putting up on the stall doors of women’s bathrooms at local malls. Throughout the month of November, MeowMix received more tips and photos of the posters throughout the lower mainland shopping malls.

Unfortunately for the RCMP and BC Court Justice System, local residents do not believe that they are doing their job. They treat Jonathan Jessica Yaniv Simpson more like a nuisance than a real danger, despite posted graphic evidence. People do not feel safe and have started their own safety warning campaign. Yaniv is undermining the trust that people have in their justice system.

November 7 also saw Yaniv continue with his Donald Francis Smith obsession by sending the nude police custody surveillance photos along with crude comments on SnapChat to minors. The various authorities were notified on both sides of the US Canada border.

The following day, Yaniv caused a great deal of online hilarity by posting that he was putting a William Zafronsky on notice that he might sue him/her for defamation and libel and ordered them to cease, desist and to destroy “any and all matters in relation to me including but not limited to online mediums”.

Once more Yaniv showed just how bad he is with his cut and paste efforts at playing lawyer. Plus, as a tech expert, he should know by now that there is no way anyone would be able to erase all the negative online stories. The fact that he has changed his names and has started hiding replies to his tweets proves this (primarily those that make reference to the BCHRT waxmyballs cases and her heavily filtered and photoshopped photo not being anywhere close to reality).

That threat to Mr. Zafronsky may have been triggered by the posting of warning posters or letter that his Strata neighbours received. Yaniv, in a fury, called 911 to complain about “some asshole” sending out a warning letter on copied RCMP/Block Watch Society letterhead to his neighbours.

Just as an aside Jonny, everyone in the world, except you of course, would get a copy and go to the local detachment to make a complaint in person. Mean letters are not emergency. No wonder they hung up on you even though you tried your old tried and true threat to self harm.

How many times so far this year have you threatened to harm yourself? Telling them to fuck off and then threatening to sue them as well as launching a human rights complaint really strengthens your existing action against the Town of Langley. Nevertheless, Langley’s emergency services wasted at least two precious hours dealing with nothing more than hurt feelings and melodramatic threats.

On November 9, MeowMix received numerous reports that Yaniv was playing DJ (badly) on the LiveMe streaming App. We had been aware and documenting that he had been stalking and lurking on the App for some time. If you want a really a good laugh, check out the MeowMix review by three different editors in three different countries.

The following few days saw Billboard Chris active on both social media and in real life, so, of course, Yaniv had to try to get some of that attention by claiming that he had received an email from the GRS Montreal stating that Chris was banned from their property. When questioned why the clinic would write to him making such a claim when Chris had stayed on the public sidewalk, he upped his lie by saying that if Chris shows up anywhere near their property, he would be removed. Yaniv ignored calls to post the email as proof he wasn’t lying.

Next, Jonny celebrated TransAwareness Week by posting a number of random virtue signalling social media the week of November 16th trying to get positive attention. Didn’t work. His tweet about Surrey Constable Adrian Oliver provoked particular outrage especially among retired officers.

But Jonny being Jonny decided to push back against one of the replies that suggested he called the RCMP 50 million times.  Jonny looked like a desperate idiot calculating the number of times a minute that would be and then posting it. It is called sarcasm, something he have yet to master. Or maybe, he has but only when he is obviously drunk. No Jonny, we have never seen a fat man badly dressed as a woman with animal ears and nose filters ask if we had ever seen a hot as fuck girl take a shot of pumpkin spice rum. You are not hot as fuck girl. You are not as hot as fuck anything. We even held a vote!

On November 19, MeowMix was proud and humbled to announce their campaign to support the Amanda Todd Legacy Society. Amanda Todd was a 15 year old Canadian girl that, after being bullied and abused online, committed suicide. Yaniv immediately tried to get the campaign shut down calling it disgusting and hateful and alleging that MeowMix was illegally and fraudulently using the ATLS name and graphics. Why would he do this?

Two main reasons – the first is that MeowMix regularly exposes his fraudulent attempts to raise money for himself under charitable guises like Cops 4 Cancer. The second is that he can no longer claim that he will be the next Amanda Todd because of our efforts to expose his predatory and bullying online behaviour. He frequently claims this when he cannot get his way or to manipulate the authorities. How many times has he called Langley emergency services so far this year saying he is going to harm himself?

November 20 was a fun day in the life of feminist Jessica Yaniv Simpson. A Zoom meeting was leaked to us showing Yaniv trolling some feminist university students. Yaniv was quoted saying, “All these girls have the driest non fuckable brainwashed pussies ever.” Such a brave and bubbly thing for this warrior princess feminist to say.

The evening of November 22 LiveMe users watching a broadcaster named Maddy were stunned to see Yaniv hijack her broadcast, attacking her for being transphobic after she found the woman named Jessica she had previously chatted with was actually the infamous child groomer, Jonathan Yaniv. He not only attacked and threatened her but many others in the chat room, threatening to kill them with the multiple weapons he had. He also went on yet another hate speech laced tirade (calling him an autistic fucking retard) about Donald Smith. We understand that many viewers contacted the Langley RCMP since uttering threats is supposed to be against Canadian law as well as his probation conditions.

jessica yaniv simpson threat on liveme

While we all know that Jonny is an intellectual thief of other people’s work, plagiarizing tweets, product news releases, and technical solution websites. He went into overdrive posting numerous virtue signaling tweets stolen from other accounts during the week of November 23.  When one author discovered that their work had been stolen they immediately posted a warning tweet about Jonny after posting that “I want to fucking puke”.

When Yaniv stole one of Morgane Oger’s tweets within minutes of its posting, instead of immediately defending Yaniv as a Transwomen, she distanced herself by suggesting that Yaniv may have developmental issues. This is interesting in that a leading member of the BC trans community appears to be questioning Yaniv’s trans claim. In fact, Yaniv has become so toxic to the trans community globally, that minutes after Jonny responded to a thread on November 30, the entire thread was deleted and we are guessing that he was also blocked by the original author.

Yaniv was not in court on November 24 to update the Rebel Media reporter, Keenan Bexte assault charge. He was represented by his defence lawyer, Andrew Coulthard’s student at law, Jasmin Singh. The Judge and Singh agreed that a Pre Trial Conference was not needed and that a trial date could be set. Many of those listening in were highly amused that he was represented by a student who was a woman of colour, given his racists views and statements about IndoCanadians.

As November began to wind down, MeowMix published another bombshell about another victim, Carlee on the 27th. Carlee is another woman who Yaniv used, abused, stalked and threatened until she was finally able to free herself. Carlee’s dreadful experience has become almost a template for how Yaniv preys on women. It is a long, well documented read which interweaves what we have witnessed since 2016, putting into context some of Yaniv’s most recent behaviour. Too bad the court did not have access to Carlee’s story and evidence.

The evening of November 27 saw more melodrama as Langley Resident tweeted that they had accidentally gotten a misdelivered letter from the GRS Clinic in Montreal addressed to Yaniv. Although they were trying to get confirmation if they letter was real or not, Yaniv went berserk. He immediately accused his neighbour of breaking into his mailbox without considering that mail is misdelivered and/or misaddressed all the time. Then true to form he snapchatted that he was going to end up hurting himself or someone else. The threat to hurt someone else was new behaviour and caused a lot of concern on social media especially in light of his claim to have a lot of weapons and recent bizarre threatening behaviour on LiveMe.

Then, rather than calling Canada Post, he called the Langley RCMP. When the RCMP basically ignored him, he went on SnapChat asking his followers to call them and tell them someone broke in to his mailbox and that he wasn’t well. In other words, basically to lie to the police for him just as he did last spring, when he was trying to get Donald Smith arrested for breaching his release conditions.

Yaniv ended the final night of November trying to be a DJ again by badly mixing a sample of Donald Smiths’s voice hundreds of times to the questionable music. The very few viewers quickly grew bored with his pathetic show. The one interesting thing that was observed during the usual train wreck of a broadcast is that Jonny was not wearing the Life Alert pendant. He is never without that pendant. Was his service suspended or terminated for excessive false alarms?

jessica yaniv simpson

What do you think would the best DJ name for Yaniv? Vote on one of these choices or enter your own!

The Meow Mix wrap up crew would like to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope everyone is able celebrate this holiday season with family and friends while staying healthy. See you next year.


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