No Wonder Jonathan Yaniv’s Neighbors Hate Him…

At every place he’s ever lived…

This lolcow just kept giving milk this weekend. The pictures and videos went out via snapchat over the weekend to all of Jonathan Yaniv’s followers. I think I’ve got it all, but so many people sent me so much stuff that I can’t keep track.

We’ll start with Yanivs desperate attempt to attack Rebel Media and end on a high note. Actually we won’t. JY missed the high note…and destroyed another Ariana Grande song.

Fwd: Rebel Media.

Honestly it’s a fair question since Yaniv tries to con people with his imaginary vagina. Remember that claim he has a vagina? Remember the dick pic? Ya…

Is it just me or is his face getting rounder? And that stupid tongue in his teeth. What a creep.

No love for you, catfish.

You’re a fucking pig Jonathan. Stop talking about women this way, you untreated nail fungus.

In your dreams, Jon. We’re all happy to threaten you. Here’s one. Go near a minor again and see what happens to you.

Good Lord….

And now the videos. Don’t sue us for hurting your ears. And those tiktok videos at the end of this clip? He sends those to all his teen girl pals – who then pass it on to me. That’s what you get for being a pedo, Jon.

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