Jonathan Yaniv’s Eastern Canada Weekend

Jon showed up in Toronto, them Montreal. He's not scheduled for GRS but claims he's walking in tomorrow morning to do it.

Imagine this…

You drove all the way from Toronto to Montreal with Miriam to go stand outside the GRS clinic and record live streams, claiming you’re getting surgery done the next day, except, you’ve never been approved for surgery. In fact, you’ve never even been invited to attend an appointment at the Montreal clinic.

Jon, Jon, Jon. You get sketchier every day.


Back up to Saturday morning. Yaniv was spotted in Toronto, Ontario – 4,200 kms from home. We aren’t sure why he made the trip, but we know he stayed at the Pantages Hotel, and we know there was a run in with media and the police on Sunday morning. More on that to come.

Jonathan Yaniv’s GRS Clinic Surgery Fantasy

Fast forward 12 hours. Yaniv drove more than 500 kms to Montreal – with Miriam – to go stand outside the GRS clinic and claim he’s got an appointment for the next day – July 20, 2020.

First item of note: Jon, what the fuck happened to your hair? And outfit? And face? I could roll in makeup and a pile of clothes and come out better prepped than you. This is the image you want the world to see? Are you insa…Never mind.

Second…listening to Yaniv try to list off the medical procedures the clinic performs is almost impossible. How drunk is he? And that left-right-left eye movement? Jon is literally the drunken meme of his own female fantasies. Women don’t behave this way. Pre-GRS people with severe gender dysphoria don’t act this way.

He claims “lots of great and amazing stuff happens here”. That’s true. Lots of truly gender dysphoric people have life altering and life improving procedures done.

Jon lists some procedures. This is what I can decipher.

  • Phalloplasty
  • FTM transgender
  • “give you a penis with testicles attached”
  • Vaginoplasty
  • “Penilrectomy” (his word…from what I can tell this isn’t even a thing)
  • “Orioctomy” (that’s what he says, it’s actually “orchiectomy”)
  • Clitoral release
  • Labiaplasty

He calls this “all the really really fun stuff”. He called “FTM transgender” a procedure, then listed off some of the actual procedures in a FTM transition. Doesn’t he know anything about transitioning?

Because Jonathan is a pervert he left out virtually everything else the clinic does that isn’t related to his junk – breast augmentation, Adam’s Apple reduction, voice surgery, facial and body feminization surgery, etc. It’s almost like he fetishizes this and doesn’t actually want to be a woman. Hmm.

And what’s with that head tilt? Someone needs to tilt it 75 more degrees. And that “yaaaa”. Jonathan, look around you. Not one woman acts like that.

One person commented, “I hope there are no minors there.” Jon, lacking an ounce of intelligence, self awareness, or morals, replied, “Of course there’s minors here. Minors get sexual reassignment surgery too”. Except they don’t. The image below is from the GRS clinics website. It clearly states genital surgeries are for 18+, but of course this fucking pedophile wants minors to be involved in his fantasy and can’t understand just how creepy he sounds.

The first livestream – via Twitter – goes on to add in 3 more minutes of rambling “but ummm” and “so yaa” comments, until he says he’s going to be there tomorrow. For what Jon? Trespassing charges?

By the way Jon… All those hearts on your video are people trolling you. You don’t have fans. They’re making fun of you and you’re too drunk to know.

The “trustednerd” isn’t even smart enough to know how to save a video to livestream it on multiple platforms. Moron. The above is from Twitter. Below is Jons livestream from Instagram.

Seriously, how ridiculous is this guy? Jon. The trans community has rejected you. You’re not part of the LGBT community. You’re a predator.

It starts with the most creepy sounding, vomit inducing thing I’ve seen in a long time – the whole “I’m here where the magic happens” comment while he wiggles his head like a worm. Puke. Again, women don’t act like this Jon. Gender dysphoric people don’t act like this.

Start at 0:50 in that above video. He says, “this is where...” and then trails off, shaking his head like he’s trying to get the gears to fall back into place. He never finishes that sentence.

Side note…how do you get out of breath walking from one door to another door around the corner on flat terrain? He claims he’s out of breath because he’s tired.

He does this stupid thing with his lips over and over. It makes you want to punch him with a stick of dynamite except he isn’t worth the dynamite.

You’ll never, ever, ever be a woman, Jonathan Yaniv. You’re a fraud that’s hurt decades of trans rights just so you can get your tiny dick hard looking at 9 year old girls. You may call yourself Jessica Yaniv but you’ll always be Jonathan.

You’re the reason predator hunting groups need to exist. You need to be exposed.

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