Nicole Spoke Up – 150+ Screenshots Posted To MeowTube

Nicole has seen the light – JY is a predator that was grooming her since she was 15 years old. Her friends have been told about JY’s abuse. Her mom has been told. Police have been contacted. And Nicole is telling everything.

Yesterday’s article was just the beginning. The screenshots have been pouring in and continue to do so. Over 150 new pics have been uploaded to (go to Images -> Victims -> Nicole).

Some highlights?

How about JY coaching Nicole to lie to JY’s corrections officer?

Or Yaniv’s insanely clingy behaviour on first dates?

Or Yaniv calling the cops on Miriam!

Maybe you need some advice from Dr. Yaniv? Apparently JY knows how to work the medical system and can even diagnose a muscle strain with their eyes alone!

These are just a few of the dozens and dozens of pics uploaded to MeowTube! Check it out guys!

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