Nicole Speaks Up!

This one gets deep guys. We have proof that the BCHRT cases were profit-driven and Yaniv was proud of assaulting David Menzies, not to mention being obsessed with a girl at 15 years old. Dig in!

Yaniv told everyone that Nicole was their best friend. We saw the picture JY wanted us to see – Nicole was his defender, loyal sidekick, and believer.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. I’m not too proud to say – even I got this one wrong, and I owe Nicole an apology, and I’ve sent her one personally.

Many people, myself included, reached out to Nicole on Facebook. We’ve seen Yaniv liking her pictures – including bikini photos – since she was just 15 years old. Several people reached out to warn her about Yaniv’s infatuation with young girls. Her replies were blunt – let her live her life and mind your own business.

In late June 2020, Yaniv visited her. Yaniv later described the event to his friends on social media as sexually charged and “girly”. I have not seen this evidence personally.

I asked Nicole about this meeting and it wasn’t at all how Yaniv described. It was shortly after Nicole’s 19th birthday. Yaniv – AND MIRIAM AND THE AUNT – traveled over 400 kilometers of steep Rocky Mountain highways to meet Nicole (I’ve personally traveled this exact route numerous times – I estimate that it would take 4.5 – 5 hours with traffic).

Sidebar…Why is Miriam Yaniv aiding Yaniv in this creepy behaviour? Why is she helping Yaniv meet 18-19 year old girls 400 kms from home? It may not be illegal, but it’s certainly not acceptable. Miriam, your child is a predator and you’re just as bad. You’re an evil woman that is enabling the predatory perverted behaviour of your monstrosity of a kid. You should be ashamed and disgusted with yourself. You’re an insult to mothers everywhere. I’m honestly questioning which one of the Yaniv’s is the worst predator.

Yaniv arrived at Nicole’s town on June 18th. He visited with her, went to her work, and hung out at her place. He had brought his dog Walnut, who Nicole noted was fearful, nervous, and anxious around Yaniv. It’s noteworthy that these are all warning signs of animal abuse – something Yaniv has been directly accused of several times in the past. Nicole’s own dog was acting nervous and even aggressive towards Yaniv, forcing Nicole to lock him up. They say dogs can sense predators…

The visit was uncomfortable in general. Nicole noted that JY was a giant compared to her, and when JY forced hugs on her she felt especially small. She said that JY creeped her out in general.

On the evening of the 19th, Nicole went to a local hospital because she wasn’t feeling well. It was late in the evening, and Miriam was beckoning JY to return to the hotel room for the night, which JY did.

Before Yaniv left, he quizzed Nicole if her boyfriend had ever hurt her. She told Yaniv – and me – that he had never laid a finger on her in anger.

The 20th – a Saturday – was uneventful. Yaniv had returned to Langley and Nicole worked her regular shift. She visited with friends that evening. Two of these friends also met JY.

Sunday came, and things started happening fast.

Yaniv had phoned the RCMP in Nicole’s town to report Nicole’s boyfriend was physically abusing her. The only people that knew about Nicole’s visit to the hospital were Nicole’s two girl friends, and JY – a person with a long history of filing false police reports and trying to white knight young girls with boyfriends.

To be clear – JY filed a false police report claiming that Nicole’s boyfriend was physically abusing her – 2 DAYS after JY returned home to Langley.

Nicole immediately blocked JY on all platforms. That was the last straw. She tried for years to be friendly and nice to JY but now he was making lies up about her boyfriend.

Rewind four years.

Yaniv first met Nicole on They started talking casually as friends. Looking back, it’s easy to see Yaniv’s same patterns emerging – showering the young girl with compliments and attention, offering favors, advice, etc. Nicole was friendly, and Yaniv took it as flirty, like always.

Nicole soon turned 16 and Yaniv was telling her how much they liked her. In Yaniv’s words, they had a massive crush on Nicole. Yaniv would have been 29-30 at this time.

To give you an idea of how creepy Yaniv is, Nicole shared this story. A girlfriend of hers had recently posted a funny meme – Yaniv wasn’t tagged in it or involved in it. It was between Nicole’s friend and her and it said, “I know you’ve masturbated to me before”, with a slyly grinning cartoon character. Several of Nicole’s friends (and her friends friends) liked the picture. Yaniv commented, “Ok maybe you, and Nicole…and (another girl)…”, tagging each of them in the picture.

To clarify…Yaniv is admitting on Facebook to having masturbated – in 2020 – to these young women.

Nicole shared other stories about Yaniv questioning her about what it’s like to be a girl, and saying how much they wanted to kiss her and other sexual things – things we’ve seen Yaniv say and do with numerous women before Nicole. She’s even been the lucky recipient of more of Yaniv’s notorious bathtub videos – the kind that have haunted several young women before.

While Nicole and I were discussing this article she had to unblock Yaniv temporarily to collect some more information. Within moments of unblocking her Yaniv was messaging her. The first message read, “I thought you blocked me and I was about to start hurting myself”.

Nervously, Nicole said she was having technical problems. Yaniv went on with the gaslighting, saying, “My heart feels like it’s being ripped apart. Why would you delete me? After all these years. Tell me what’s going on, please? (crying emoji)”. Nicole deflected, saying her Facebook and Snapchat were having problems. Yaniv sent her friend requests, which she nervously accepted, but she muted them. JY complained, “Why can’t I call or iMessage you? (sad emoji). I’m so hurt right now”. Yaniv didn’t clue in that they couldn’t call or iMessage her because she blocked Yaniv’s number. At the same time, Yaniv sent Nicole screenshots of her Snapchat account showing that it couldn’t be found – another clear sign Yaniv was being blocked.

Yaniv replied skeptically, saying, “Hmmm”, as if it has any right to question Nicole. Yaniv went on to say, “It happened to suddenly. I had such a bad day today and this is just hurting me more. I had the appt why I lost my hearing. I’m screwed and I’m scared”.

I want to add some context to the broader story here. In the last year we’ve had stories of JY declaring love for (or at least interest in) numerous girls, from Lauren to Bianca, Tianna to Kayla, Raygen, and so many more. Many of these girls received messages from Yaniv saying they were the one. They were perfect. Yaniv was in love with them and only them.

Meanwhile, Yaniv has been telling Nicole about his massive crush for her for at least 3, possibly 4 years.

What I’m saying is that this all supports Yaniv being a predator by the numbers. Yaniv is telling multiple women simultaneously that it loves them, that it needs them, that they’re the one. Yaniv is literally spamming women with “love”, playing the odds that 1 in 10, or 1 in 100, or 1 in 1000 will be conned. Yaniv is a mass predator. Who else is Yaniv currently “in love” with? Who does Yaniv have a crush on right now? Better yet, how many women is JY saying these things to at the same time on different platforms?

Yaniv and Donald

Yaniv told Nicole all about Donald. JY accused Donald of being threatening to both herself and to Miriam. JY called Donald a stalker and said he was denied bail. The screenshots show Yaniv gloating about getting Donald locked up, even though we all know JY manufactured evidence and lied about threats to get RCMP to arrest Donald.

Yaniv grossly lied about Donald to Nicole, and asked her to help scare Donald off. Yaniv sent Nicole pictures of Donald with his sister, suggesting that he “_____’s” his sister. JY asked Nicole to bully Donald and send him harassing pictures. What you see below is PROOF that Yaniv actively harassed and baited Donald.

Yaniv and the “Movie Deal”

The Ryan Gordon story is old news now. Blaire White set Yaniv up to expose him. In that, Gordon made Yaniv agree to stay away from young girls, and Yaniv did -essentially proving that Yaniv has been near underage girls in the past. Yaniv shared the message that Gordon sent – and that JY bought. Later, Yaniv tried to convince Nicole that it was a movie deal, and Yaniv terminated it after becoming too stressed. That’s not exactly what happened, is it Yanny? Liar. Yaniv called Gordon their “producer”.

PS…JY you were never raped. You’re an evil lying con artist that is obsessed with sexual assault. You’ve invented numerous stories. Stop.

Yaniv’s Medical Claims

Like we’ve seen a thousand times, Yaniv made numerous bullshit medical complaints to Nicole. At some points Yaniv is complaining about the hospital needing an “urgent CT scan”, saying, “wtf is going on with me?”. JY, we’ve all been wondering that.

Yaniv even commented to Nicole on 6/10/2019 that they (JY) may have breast cancer.

Yaniv and Rebel Media

Yaniv sent messages to Nicole complaining that Rebel sent a reporter from Toronto to question them with “profane questions”. On August 15, 2019, the day Yaniv and Miriam attacked David Menzies outside their condo, Yaniv shared this video with Nicole, adding that they “should have hit him harder !!”. Interestingly, in Yaniv’s counterclaim against Bexte and Menzies, Yaniv states that “No assault or battery occured in part from Jessica Yaniv. Jessica Yaniv was on the phone with the police on both the August 15, 2019 and January 13, 2020 incident.”

Keean, David, I trust the image below along with the timestamp will be appreciated by your legal team.

Yaniv and the BCHRT

Yaniv confirmed to Nicole what we’ve known all along – the BCHRT / waxing complaints were strictly about money.

Yaniv shared several paragraphs of case law with Nicole – things we later saw in Yaniv’s human rights tribunal documents.

When Yaniv later complained about NY Fries discriminating against them, a reporter went to that NY Fries location to investigate. The restaurant denied the claim, and Yaniv shared the reporters video with Nicole, saying they were mocking JY.

Yaniv complained to Nicole that the lawyers at the BCHRT spent the “whole day” talking about tampons. We’ve seen records from that day, and tampons came up, but only as a small part of the issue. Once again Yaniv proves they are grossly obsessed with tampons.

Most notably, and what should be broadcast everywhere – On July 9, 2019, Yaniv texted Nicole – and at least one other person that has asked not be named but she shared a screenshot with me 6 months ago of the exact same text – bragging that they were getting “Money!”.

“I won my case! Money!!! Now I wait to see how much but the judge said he will give me costs”

J. Yaniv, July 9, 2019 – the same day X vs. Hot Mess was decided at the BCHRT.

This should prove without a doubt that Yaniv is the “X” in X vs. Hot Mess.

But….Yaniv didn’t actually win. Para 37 says the complaint was dismissed. Para 38, related to costs, states that the Tribunal was not pleased with Hot Mess not attending the hearing but that her conduct was not improper and no costs were awarded.

The biggest takeaway from this is that Yaniv didn’t celebrate a victory for human rights, or a victory over discrimination, or an LGBTQ win. Yaniv celebrated ONE thing – money.

Yaniv’s Arrest

Hilariously, Yaniv messaged Nicole when the RCMP were arresting JY for weapons possession. Yaniv told Nicole – 18 at the time – that it loved her and it wouldn’t have its phone with them because it was going to Langley jail for the night. Yaniv said the police “found a taser in my house”.

Yaniv and Fox News

By now everyone has seen the Fox News Tucker Carlson clip about JY. This video calls out Yaniv for so many crazy things and Yaniv shared this video with Nicole. To this day, we know Yaniv shares this video with people, trying to portray themselves as a victim of media harassment and a social justice warrior.

Yaniv and the Miss BC Pageant

Yaniv complained to Nicole, saying, “I’ll never look as beautiful as any of them”. Strangely, Yaniv often told others that the women of Miss BC couldn’t beat them in a pageant, and that they (JY) were more beautiful than them

You’re right Yaniv. You will never be as good as they are – they aren’t child grooming, racist con artists.

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