Never Have They Ever

Jessica Jonathan Yaniv has made audacious claims of being a model, an activist (lol), and blatantly lied about their career.  But sadly, they’ve not passed some of the milestones their peers have.  I credit this to the neglect by Miriam of her child’s mental disorder.  She effectively ruined Yanivs life.  Let’s review.

1. Never had a meaningful romantic relationship.

2. Never moved away from mom.

3. Never been part of a club or organization.

4. Never held a long-term, steady job.

5. Never cooked themselves a healthy meal.

6. Never had a good reputation.

7. Never had a group of irl close friends.

8. Never had a life outside the internet.

9. Never had a multicultural experience (is so rabidly racist it would be impossible).

10. Never got their balls waxed (lol jk).

11. Never disagreed with someone without acting like an insolent child.

12. Never loved anyone but themselves.

13. Never apologized when wrong.

14. Never had a significant spiritual experience (lol playing Christian and Jewish simultaneously).

15. Never hosted a party or been to one.

16. Never been financially responsible.

17. Never had a roommate.

18. Never volunteered.

19. Never contributed to LGBTQ causes (and infact is hurting the community).

20. Never had children.

21. Never created anything artistic (writing, painting, photography, dance, music).

22. Never started a meaningful hobby (unless you consider pretending to be a biological woman on a dating site for lesbian and bisexual women).

23. Never took care of an aging parent.

24. Never took an active interest in their own health.

25. Never had legit social media (purchased followers, numerous socks, stolen content).

26. Never had a stan that wasn’t a sock or insane person.

27. Never had a date.

28. Never had a secret admirer.

29. Never set goals.

30. Never overcame adversity.

31. Never had a normal relationship with siblings.

32. Never donated anything to anyone.

33. Never acted womanly.