Mother’s Day Edition of Meow Mix: What are we thankful for?

May 10, 2020


Today is Mother’s Day and due to COVID-19, I unfortunately couldn’t see my mom who is out west. Initially, she was supposed to come this week for month-long trip, but it was cancelled because she would be required to self-isolate for 14 days both upon arrival here and return home, so technically she would have had to shorten her trip, as a result due to Emergency Acts currently effective in both provinces still in fruition.

Today, I made this heart-shaped, from scratch, stuffed-crust Maritime Lobster Pizza and shared it with her on FaceTime. I would have made this as a belated Mother’s Day dinner when she came next Saturday, showing I went the extra mile for a great mom. We should all be thankful for our mothers for ensuring we turned out to be great individuals inside and out. For me particularly, I was born high-functioning autistic and struggled until I was about 14. Although there were other struggles socially as a result of this, the help my mother fought vigilantly to get for me while I was younger ensured I would be a productive member of society.

I am thankful that my mother was never in denial about my autism diagnosis and got me the help I needed every step of the way!

I am thankful I have a mother that has always been supportive since I came out, as I am a member of the LGBTQ+. I am thankful she has never misgendered me, especially in public, such as in courtroom. I am also thankful I was taught to be such a good person, I don’t need to go into a courtroom every month for criminal behaviour!

I am thankful that my mother instilled into me good values of honesty and integrity. She would never support me asking her to put up a facade at the BC Human Rights Tribunal or to fake a paralysis disability by riding around on a scooter for sympathy. Thankfully my mother gave me good values and would never enable me to elevate a perceived victimhood in the public domain for financial gain.

I am thankful I didn’t turn out to be such a rotten apple that my mother needs to act as my muscle in my mid-30s to fend off nosy reporters. I am thankful that I do not engage in erratic, irrational public displays of behaviour that require her continued presence.

I am thankful I am all together being raised by a stable parent, I don’t have a tendency or need to convey on my Twitter Account for attention about allegedly harming myself.

I am thankful my mother doesn’t misgender me in public and causes me such embarrassment. I am thankful my mother doesn’t have an inherent animus for the LGBTQ+ community.

I am thankful my mother taught me right from wrong and that I don’t need to hoard illegal weapons and to display them on youtube to intimidate others.

I am thankful my mother was never an enabler of bad behaviour. Actions had intended consequences to ensure I would learn those valuable lessons.

I am thankful that others don’t perceive my mother as a comedy act akin to a skit on Saturday Night live.

I am thankful my mother is not her.

Aren’t we thankful none of us normal folks have a mother like Miriam Yaniv?

My advice this Mother’s Day to Miriam Yaniv: Stop enabling your kid and get them help! Not later! NOW! Stop enabling incel behaviour! Stop being in denial that there isn’t something wrong in the neuro-cognitive department upstairs there! Your kid continues to engage and lure minors on social media platforms! Your kid met up with an alleged minor and was lynch mobbed after some minors found out who (and how old) your kid was on Snapchat!

Your kid is a serial criminal, predator and indecent individual, who regardless needs to be held accountable for her crimes, but on the same note also needs to be encouraged to get all the psychiatric help possible! It needs to happen now, or otherwise, your kid is going to get worse and there will be more victims likely with more irrevocable consequences for those actions.

Take ownership for your terrible parenting and upbringing— and see this isn’t because your kid is LGBTQ+, it’s because your kid is a serial criminal, predator and scam artist. The choice is yours, Miriam!

To everyone (else, except Miriam), we hope you let your mom know you love her and have a Happy Mother’s Day!