More from Raygen! #Cringe

Over the last week or so Yaniv has been making claims on their live streams that they suddenly have a girlfriend. He claimed she was 22, but I suspect it was a lie. Given the evidence we have, I’m pretty sure Yaniv was referring to Raygen. There’s more to support that now.

I can’t even look at the picture above without feeling sick. This is a mid-30’s person pretending to be a trans woman sending this to a 16 year old girl trying to be in a “lesbian” relationship with her.

Yaniv told Raygen how attractive she was, and how much Yaniv wanted to be in a relationship with her. Raygen knew Yaniv was simply trying to manipulate and groom her but she still felt anger when she received this next video, clearly sent to make her feel guilty.

Yes, it’s just a picture of some text, but it’s so clear that Yaniv is trying hard to make Raygen feel as crappy as possible. Yaniv told Raygen how hard their life was and how much they needed Raygen to be their “girlfriend”. Remember – Yaniv is twice her age.

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If that isn’t creepy enough, wait until you see the last few seconds of this video.

Seriously, I can’t say this enough: Yaniv is in his 30s. Raygen is still in high school. Yaniv makes creepy uncles look appealing.

In another topic, we previously saw a screenshot of Yaniv writing a long rant about Vector Marketing and posting it to a group chat board. Here’s a video of that, along with Yaniv’s commentary. I smell a lawsuit ahead. I wonder who will sue first?

We also saw Yaniv with a Livia device strapped to his groin area. I’m not even sure what to say about that. The Livia device is designed to alleviate menstrual cramps, but it appears that Yaniv is using it almost sexually. That video is here. In the video below, you can see Yaniv’s reaction to receiving their Livia device.

To wrap this all up, enjoy this video, where Yaniv complains about having to get a “vaginal vaccine”. By enjoy, I mean look at his awful facial expressions. The squints. The campy groans. The head tilt. I just can’t. I can’t even. And I don’t even want to talk about how he has to sound out “vaginal vaccine” because clearly Hooked on Phonics worked for him.

Side note….Someone counted 43 bottles of liquor in yesterdays videos from Raygen. That explains so much. Yaniv is a drunk.

Finally, Raygen and I had a great discussion last night on what her next steps will be.

First, she’s sharing her story with everyone she can. It started with Kat G, then us, and she also spoke with Kalvin Garrah, a popular YouTuber. Raygen has told her parents about this as well, and is well supported. Yaniv, on the other hand, needs to drink himself to sleep at night.

Next, she’s contacting the Canadian police to file a complaint that Yaniv shared explicit material with her, including nude photos (the “coin slot pussy”) and sexual messages. Whether they take any action is hard to say. There is clear evidence here of Yaniv trying to encourage a minor to drink, enter into a relationship with him, exchange photos, etc.

On the topic of police, Raygen wanted to point out something we already saw in the Manda videos – Yaniv is always driving and streaming. Why won’t local police act on this? There are dozens of videos posted of Yaniv recording himself while driving down busy urban roads and freeways. That’s illegal in BC. There’s video evidence. Fine him! I ask everyone who reads this to share a driving video with the local police. They’re all on in the Manda folder.

Since we know Yaniv reads Meow Mix, I’ll share a closing thought that Raygen shared with me. Even though she went into this with the sole intent of exposing Yaniv and stopping a predator, she came out the other end feeling disgusted and dirty, as if this vile predator had somehow tainted her from thousands of miles away. She knows the world has her back, including people that live local to Yaniv, but she still can’t shake the feeling that she needs an infinitely long hot shower to wash his filth away. It’s amazing how much Yaniv can disgust someone without any physical contact. Imagine how they must be in person.

Extra Note: We’ve shared Raygens story with @BarkTechCo on Twitter. Look them up. It won’t go well for Yaniv. I encourage everyone to contact BarkTech themselves and add to the story, as well as Chris Hansen, Blaire White, and any other child protection agency you can think of. Every time Raygens story is shared is another opportunity to stop Yaniv from finding a new victim.

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