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Miriam Yaniv vs Strata: Strata Replies!

Miriam Yaniv and her cheez-whiz-kid legal advocate Jessica Yaniv Simpson filed a lawsuit against her strata in early June. We covered that here, as well as an update when she tried to move the event to a new courthouse and was laughed out of the court for being an idiot and showing up in person for a virtual hearing.

Today, June 17, the strata filed a reply to Miriam’s lolsuit and it went exactly as predicted by MeowMix’s legal expert. The strata’s defense is basically that Miriam should have mitigated this damage herself and didn’t, it’s been this way for years and she’s had a chance to address it and didn’t, and even if she could address it now, she filed it in the wrong venue. Because that’s what idiots do.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that the defense is asking for this to dismissed WITH COSTS, and should Miriam attempt to proceed to trial, the defense is asking for costs + 10% should Miriam lose, which she will.

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Side note…the defense document doesn’t address Jon’s appearance as a legal advocate because it really doesn’t need to. This will never go far enough to where that comes into effect, but we already saw that the defense is prepared to address this and object to it. The fact that Fake-Disabled-Jon is acting as a legal advocate is a matter for the Law Society to pursue, not the Strata defense.

You can read the document in full below, but the short version is this: Miriam and Jon are morons.