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Miriam Yaniv Sues Her Strata!

Failed legal advocate and fraud Jessica Yaniv Simpson has apparently branded themselves a full blown “public servant and legal advocate” and has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Miriam Yaniv against her strata.

NOTE: MIRIAM YANIV AND ILANA ALTMANN ARE DUE IN COURT TODAY for a first appearance hearing for their criminal charges.

This lawsuit, which asks for just over $30,0000, claims that the Strata was negligent and endangered Miriam’s life by refusing to install strobe light fire alarm systems because she is hearing impaired. It also alleges that she lives under constant anxiety because of this negligence.

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The claim says that Miriam is unable to hear the fire alarm even when directly beside it. It makes me wonder how she can so easily hear JY talking to her in court, or any of the other encounters that we know about. She also alleges that she can’t hear the alarm even with her hearing aid. Apparently the pitch isn’t too her satisfaction, and a horn or strobe would be better.

A key point of Miriam’s claim is that she doesn’t wear her hearing aids while she sleeps or bathes. I’m curious how she’ll see the strobe in her sleep.

Point 9 is barely even English so I’ll let you guys decipher that one on your own. Maybe Miriam needs a better legal advocate.

I find it curious that Miriam is proud to call herself an owner of her unit (and brags about being an “owner” of the entire strata in itself, which is technically true, along with all other residents) but refuses to take the initiative herself to spend $500 on her own unit to make repairs.

It sounds a lot like a complaint she filed several years ago at Greenside when she demanded special windows to her unit.

Once again this is a case that belongs most likely at the BCHRT and not Provincial Court. In fact, Yaniv’s own points state that this is a violation of Miriam’s human rights.

If only that old troll was actually a human.

Screenshots and a pdf are below.

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