Miriam Yaniv Sets Fire to Her Family Tree

Courtesy of The Lone Gunmen

The meltdown that began last week after MeowMix presented Miriam Yaniv with public records showing she was Jack Yaniv’s fourth-tier waifu has continued. Mad that the state of Nevada makes marriage and divorce records public, the dimwit has been busy destroying an Israeli family history site that showed nothing but good things about Miriam’s forebears.

Her secretiveness about the family tree stands in odd contrast with her making photos for her bare-assed son to tweet at the world showing him flailing in her bathtub, angry that firefighters will not troupe in on command another 30 times to view his fake vaj.

We have watched and archived that Israeli site for the last couple of years, and so noticed that on February 14, user “NoName” had begun hiding photographs and information with abandon, each move tracked in the site’s activity log.

Yet Jack’s marriage and divorce records were never on that site. His own history is irrelevant to it. Miriam nonetheless is treating her family’s history as shameful while her exhibitionist son tweets out pictures of his crotch. Again.

Still, nothing on the Internet is ever really gone, is it?

Slide 1 – For some reason, Miriam doesn’t want you to see this picture of her maternal grandmother. Gella, 1900-82, is a handsome woman with kind eyes. And her granddaughter? A hollow, cunning meanness is all that’s there.

Slide 2 – A page about Miriam’s father, Bernnard before she tore it up.

Slide 3 – Bernnard’s page after she was done wiping away a Jewish teenager’s escape from Nazi Germany.

Slide 4 – Unlike Jonathan, Bernnard was a skinny, seemingly fearless fellow. From Brazil he emigrated again with his family into the conflicts of a new nation trying to form on its old foundations – Israel. No reeeeeeeing to police about a fantasy bomb in a tote bag left on a bench below his window for Bernnard. He went where real ordnance was exploding and faced down his fears.

Slide 5 – Of course, MeowMix is not the only one with receipts. Google Images has the family photos Miriam’s been busy hiding. But with Googlish glee, it tosses pictures of Jonathan into the search returns for names of Miriam’s ancestors. If you click his ridiculous attempt to filter his 33-year-old self into a very strange little “girl,” you come right to MeowMix for a close look at his peculiarities. “Shonda” doesn’t begin to say it, Miriam.

The content now missing from the family’s site now lives large on This is part of Bernnard’s wing of Miriam’s family:

Even his Brazil pictures are safe there in his profile.

miriam yaniv father

And here’s part of the other wing of Miriam’s family, her mother Hanna’s ancestry.

The new, expanded family tree will go public once all the material is in place. We will then take a look at Jack’s family history, long a mystery.

To the Altmanns and the Seebergers and the Hechters and the Koenigshoefes and the Gluckstadts and the Krakauers of days gone by, MeowMix bids you peace. If only Miriam and Jonathan would do the same.