Miriam Yaniv – More Stories and Miriam’s Messages

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Miriam Yaniv, creator of Jessica Yaniv, aka Jonathan Yaniv, in every sense of the word create, was previously written about in a MeowMix three-part miniseries. If you missed them…

Miriam Yaniv Part One

We introduced Miriam Yaniv and explored her past, her migration to Canada, battles with Jonathan, and blatant racism.

Miriam Yaniv Part Two

In this part, we examined Miriam’s litigious lunacy, crazed threats, and aggressive behaviour and how it compares to Jonny.

Miriam Yaniv Part Three

The final part of the deep dive, this post touched on her violence once more. It’s telling that Miriam’s anger issues repeat so often through every aspect of her life. We also looked at Miriam’s behaviour with young girls, including photographing them, her religious claims, and her challenge to people to prove what we say about her and her son.

Miriam Yaniv – Anecdotes

While researching Miriam, I spoke with several people that have crossed paths with Miriam online and in the real world, whether it be on the street, in her “synagogue”, or at various legal events. These people helped me paint a vivid picture of Miriam’s character, but they also had many great stories that didn’t fit in with other parts of the above articles. These are below.

It may come across a bit choppy. There’s several mini stories below, some as short as a paragraph.

Personal Contact from Miriam

I’ll start with my own story. Yaniv’s phone number(s) are easily available online, and Miriam’s cell isn’t that hard to find either. I reached out to both to ask them for their comments. Of course I knew I would be shut down immediately, but what came after was hilarious.

Miriam – and probably Jonathan – phoned dozens of times and left several voicemails. Many of them were simply the radio in the background, or breathing, or silence. Some were wind chimes being purposely shaken and another sounded like pots and pans banging. The best ones are Miriam shrieking and meowing like a crazy person though. Check it out for yourself. This video is also on MeowTube.

As one expects from Miriam, when confronted, she simply dares me to prove it.

Texts from Miriam Yaniv

Random Racism

The next morning, I randomly received these messages from a new number. I want to clearly emphasize that I was using a free text app for this and I had a newly generated number. I had never given it to anyone before. Just eight hours after Miriam’s voicemail, I received these gems. Make sure you scroll left and right to see them all, and I apologize for the extreme content. I’m only showing it because I think we all know who this is exactly.

We know both Yaniv’s are racists. This is disgusting behaviour, even for them.

Barton Debates Miriam

A person we’ll call Barton submitted the screenshots below to us. It appears that he attends the same synagogue as Miriam and knows her personally. This is what we received. Make sure you scroll left and right to see each picture.

Nanny Services

By now most of us have seen Miriam’s nanny ad. Using a semi-pseudonym “Miri Y”, she offered her services as a nanny, tutor, mother’s helper, or nursing unit clerk. She describes herself as having 40 years of experience as a health care professional, love children, pets, friends, and family. She claims to be able to speak English, German, and Hebrew. Hilariously, she calls herself “friendly”. In case you’re looking for a nanny….


Past and present neighbours have described her as erratic, loud, and bitter. She goes for walks every evening, during which she can sometimes be seen bickering with neighbours or yelling at people. When her dog passed away, she was carrying it through the halls for all to see.

It’s no wonder she’s been fined by her Strata for being a nuisance.

In Dec 2018, Miriam sued her strata for “permanent injuries and loss of quality of life due to negligence” in the amount of $35,000. Her claim was that the strata was using cleaning products that caused permanent health problems and hearing loss. That’s interesting considering her hearing issues are genetic. It’s interesting that the paperwork was handwritten in Jonathan’s handwriting and the typed details read very similarly to Jon’s other lawsuits. The strata lawyered up, replied to her lawsuit denying everything, and the case was dropped. It is unknown whether or not the Strata received costs from her.

One should note that by suing “the strata”, which is comprised of all the owners of the building, including Miriam, she was indirectly suing herself.

Jack Yaniv

One can’t talk about Miriam without touching on Jack, her late husband. Today, Aug 14, would be Jack’s birthday.

Miriam describes him as her beloved late husband, but, at least according to a witness that visited the grave site, Jack’s grave still had no tombstone, at least at the time several months ago. One would think that Miriam and Jon, with all their money for travel and eating at nice restaurants and staying in hotels, would have put up a few bucks to honour their “beloved husband” and “amazing dad”.

Little else is known about Jack except that he migrated from Israel and was a journeyman printing press operator for most of his life. At least one of the Yaniv’s had some work ethic. It’s a work ethic that the greedy, thieving Miriam and Jonathan are still living off to this day.


Several years ago, before moving into their current condos, the Yaniv’s made demands to their Strata to let them install “special” windows for unknown health issues. Miriam had a doctor send a letter to the Strata’s legal counsel stating that they needed them.

It’s important to note here that these Strata’s, much like an Homeowners Association in the US, have rules and standards in place to keep the building or area looking a certain way. You wouldn’t want one hot pink house in the middle of your neutral tones. These windows stood out as different.

The Strata was in the middle of a renovation anyways and everyone had to pay a levy, but the Yaniv’s complained loudest and had their special windows installed first.

No big deal, I suppose, except the Yaniv’s made up some bullshit story and a local association that helps people pay for these kinds of things foot the bill for them, and the Strata was stuck with the legal bill. The Yaniv’s got new windows in their home for free, simply by getting a doctor to sign a letter.

Sound familiar?

Current neighbours from Jonny’s building and Miriam’s revile the Yaniv’s. They have no friends or visitors, which would be sad in itself if it wasn’t for the fact that these two monsters prey on little girls.

I previously mentioned Miriam was once fined by her Strata for being a nuisance. According to witnesses, Miriam was fighting with a neighbour and jumped in front of her car in the parking garage to get her in trouble. The RCMP were brought in but no charges filed.

When the Yaniv’s dog passed, Miriam carried it in her arms all over the building for attention. I’m wondering why the dog died. Did Jonny hurt it like he hurt other animals in the past? Did he drug it like he drugged his own dog?


These days, Miriam spends her days glued to Jonathan or her sister Ilana. There aren’t many details about Ilana. She walks with Miriam each day, almost always bickering loudly enough that neighbours can hear them. MeowMix sources say Ilana seems meek and quiet, and speculate that she’s a victim of Miriam and Jonathan.

A witness told me a story about Jonathan hurting Ilana several years ago. There was a commotion outside the condo. Miriam and Ilana were arguing about Ilana wanting to phone the police because Jonathan had pushed her so hard and violently that she injured her ankle. Miram refused to let her contact the police. Miriam asked a neighbour to talk to Ilana while she talked to Jonathan and the situation was defused.

Ilana lives with Miriam to this day.

Abuse by Jonathan

It’s a topic MeowMix is still researching but there is some evidence to indicate Yaniv is violent with Miriam as well. I’m going to preface this by saying Miriam is in no way a victim. There is some weird mutual violence between Jonathan and Miriam and I suspect she hurts him as well. There is speculation she may have abused him as a child but I can’t prove any of that.

What I can prove is that Miriam has been seen with bruises on her arm that look like what would you see if someone with big male hands grabbed you by the arm forcefully.

Why is Jonathan Yaniv abusing his senior citizen mother and aunt?

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