Miriam Yaniv Melts Down

Following the hilarious doxing of her friends, Miriam Yaniv (or JY in her skin suit) has come even more unraveled.

There isn’t much I can say that these screenshots won’t say better. It’s my personal opinion that many of the tweets are indeed Miriam but Jon could be improving his impersonations. It used to be they were fairly easy to tell apart though.

What started out as her tough talk trying to scare the MeowMix group, Donald, Kari, and others into silence spiraled into a ranting mess of tweets and comments on MeowMix. It culminated in a discussion on Twitter about the late Jack Yaniv’s history of marriage, during which Miriam tried to shout that Jack didn’t have prior wives. Thanks to archivists on KiwiFarms and The Lone Gunmen, we were able to prove in mere seconds that this was false – by posting images of the online marriage records.

Upon the announcement that Miriam was wife #4 (or more!), she deleted her Twitter account. Or Jon did. Who really knows. What’s important is that we all point and laugh while we can because you bet she’ll be back.

miriam yaniv twitter delete

Make sure to scroll left and right to check out all the madness.

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I’m sure she’ll be back. Jonny is probably just putting her skin suit in the Skin-Suit-Stretch-O-Matic right now. Boston Pizza had a recent nacho sale and he needs a little extra room.

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