Miriam Yaniv – Matriarch Monster – Part Three

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Miriam Yaniv – Violent Senior

Where Miriam goes, tension follows. I spoke with several people while researching this story and heard the same things over and over – she’s unstable, short-tempered, and aggressive. She’s quick to shout and curse, make unreasonable demands threats, and even charge at people. In fact, every violent trait of Jonathan seems to have been inspired by her.

There is anecdotal evidence of physical violence between Miriam and Jonathan, possibly supported by recent photos showing bruising on her arms and paramedics treating Miriam’s leg outside Jonathan’s condo. Days later she was spotted using a cane.

It’s well known that Miriam and Jon have frequent shouting matches in public and private. Police and paramedics have attended Jon’s condo to resolve domestic issues, but there are no charges on record. Jonathan has called emergency services a few times to have Miriam removed from the property but they seem to kiss and make up (possibly literally?) soon after.  

The abuse between the Yaniv’s isn’t isolated to their homes. They’ve been seen literally screaming at each other outside local restaurants, and there’s a story about them getting into a physical altercation with each other inside a police station.

While it may be unrelated to domestic emergencies, ambulances have attended the condo on other occasions. These spats have become comedic events to local residents, something that angers Miriam. Miriam can sometimes be seen standing on Jon’s balcony shouting at other residents, meowing at the building to bait WGKitty, and staring into other people’s units. She’s not above interrogating people as they enter the building, despite the fact that it’s their home and not hers.

Miriam the Pedophile?

While Jonathan has cemented his reputation as a pedophile, having admitted to Manda that he is attracted to teen girls primarily, and an established track record of grooming young teens, Miriam has mostly flown under the radar on this issue, until now.

Jonathan entered the Miss BC pageant in 2019. He tells people he stepped down from the pageant to avoid controversy, but the truth is he was ejected from the competition. Despite that, he and Miriam still found a way to place themselves in the middle of this group of young girls.

Before the pageant, the teen contestants – all under 16 – were attending a group breakfast at a local hotel. The schedule was never published, and Jonathan was not invited. Nobody knows how he became aware of the schedule. The girls were in the hotel breakfast area when Jonathan arrived on his scooter, Miriam in tow. What happened next could only happen in Yanivland.

I want you to picture this unfolding before your eyes. It’s 7:00 am. The hotel breakfast area is filled with groups of 3 or 4 teenage girls eating breakfast chatting amongst themselves. For three days its been nothing but pageant events with hardly a visitor in sight. Suddenly, a wild Jonathan Yaniv appears on his scooter! There had been no other visitors during the entire three day event.

It was at this time that Jonathan miraculously regained the use of his legs!

After quickly greeting one person, Yaniv and Miriam started working the room, deftly moving from group to group, placing himself in the middle of each group of girls while Miriam snapped pictures of them with her iPad. They didn’t fumble between each group and awkwardly introduce themselves. Jon rolled over, put his head between the girls, Miriam snapped a picture, and they moved on. It was coordinated and practiced. They did this to every group of girls and were gone in 10 minutes.

Keep in mind this hotel is a long way from Yaniv’s condo and neither Jon’s nor Miriam’s vehicle could transport the scooter. They had to have used public transportation of some kind. Probably BC’s HandyDart service – the same one Yaniv abused with Katie to avoid paying parking fees.

At the night of the pageant – the one Jonny was ejected from – Miriam and Jon were spotted again. The contestants – including my source – were in a private backstage area. There was a commotion from the lobby area. It turned out to be Miriam and Jon with his scooter. Uninvited, they made their way to the front row of the Miss BC pageant. We know from the pictures and videos Jonny has posted that they came to record the teen girls.

While the event is public, the Yaniv’s had no real business there, and they certainly had no business at the breakfast. Why was a senior woman taking pictures of her 30+ year old “trans” son as he worked the crowd of teen girls? How much planning went into this so they could pull it off so quickly? Or was this a well-rehearsed routine?

Miriam’s social media presence seems to at least leave the door open to her being a pedophile herself. Her Twitter account has liked and shared posts from MAP-related accounts like the one shown below.

miriam yaniv liking a map account

There are obviously widespread rumours that most of what Miriam posts is actually from Jonathan, but I don’t believe it all is. I also find it odd that they somehow “find” these pedophilia-supporting accounts. I personally blog about and discuss the topic of pedophiles on Twitter and I don’t have random MAP accounts showing up as suggestions. I believe she – or Jonathan – are actively seeking these accounts out.

When confronted about whether or not Jon is a pedophile, she doesn’t deny it. A normal person would blatantly deny it or appear shocked at the accusation. Not Miriam. She just dares you to prove it.

And what kind of 60+ year old woman gets up at 5:00 in the morning to attend a 7:00 am event filled with girls under 16 with her 30+ year old son?  And what possible reason would they have to take pictures? How did they even discover the event? What other events have they done this at? And where are these pictures now?

With the above in mind, I ask you this: Who’s really running the show? Who’s really the pedophile?

The Yanivs claim to sit on the moral high ground. Miriam claims to be religious, and respects others by not pushing her ideals on them. In the next breath, she demands anyone coming to Canada drop their ideals and adopt hers. In public, she swears and shouts, waves double middle fingers at people, then implies in a tweet that she’s better than people who swear.

Miriam is trying so eagerly to portray herself as a little old woman that just wants to live her life, but her actions show so much more. While she demands privacy for herself and Jonny, she has publicly called for people to be exposed on Twitter and even at her local strata council meetings.

On January 8, 2020, Miriam tweeted, “Our moto is ‘always try to do your best and GOD will lead you there!” Is that what the Yaniv’s do? Their best? On the same day she told another Twitter user that her “idiotism” was showing.

I’m not an expert but there’s an imbalance here. Miriam tweets about God having her back but tells others to forget their religion. She claims to be a nice person, but her Twitter feed is 80% threats, intimidation tactics, lies, or feigned victimhood. How can she claim to have the moral high ground in one breath and in spew such vitriol in the next?

Could it be that Miriam’s “synagogue”, the White Rock Jewish Community Center, is more of a cultural club than an actual synagogue? According to Vancouver area residents, the WRJCC is as far as you can get from traditional while still calling itself a Jewish facility. They don’t adhere to tradition or expectations.

Miriam herself doesn’t follow the traditional Jewish expectations she so proudly touts. She doesn’t really observe the Sabbath, doesn’t stick to a kosher diet, and supports some pretty deviant sexual behaviour from her own child. She’s become known to others in the WRJCC as being mentally unstable, and she drags the pervert along with her.

Miriam and Jon’s social media feeds are filled with statements like “I know who you are” and “I’m going to find you”. The truth is they don’t know anything – except that many people have been intimidated by these lines for a long time. I’d like to think that Meow Mix had a big part in taking that power from them over the last year.

The truth is, both of the Yaniv’s are morally bankrupt. They’d stand on an infant if it meant they could grow a little taller. All that matters to them is themselves and money. In my opinion, Miriam is a truly awful human being that raised another truly awful human.

By now, Miriam must know that Yaniv’s a predator, and she has to know he isn’t the innocent person he claims to be. If she’s truly an observer of the Jewish faith, Jon’s behaviour must eat at a part of her. She knows he looks for little girls to creep on. There’s too much evidence to ignore. I simply refuse to accept that she’s an innocent bystander to all this, and the following story supports my theory. 

I was recently told that someone contacted Miriam politely and respectfully and asked for her thoughts on the claims that JY has engaged in bullying and pedophilia. She was told there are young women have come forward with stories of their own experiences. They have videos, pictures, chat logs, and most of all – trauma. Miriam was asked why she doesn’t try to stop JY from hurting others. Help was offered, and Miriam responded.

She said, “Prove it”.

That’s why MeowMix is here Miriam. We’re proving it.

Because there is so much material to write about Miriam Yaniv I’ve decided to extend this to a 4th part, which will feature anecdotes from past friends, acquaintances, and neighbours. Plus, we’ll take a look at some of Miriam’s Strata issues and other public appearances.

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