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Miriam Yaniv Criminal Update: Banned!

MeowMix broke the news this week that Miriam Yaniv, mother to animal-abuser and alleged pedophile Jessica Yaniv Simpson, has been arrested and charged with four criminal offenses. We’ve had more details come in since then.

Residents of Miriam’s building had initially heard Miriam was being held on a 72-hour psych evaluation. This was quickly debunked when A) we learned that BC can only involuntarily hold people for 48 hours in this fashion, and B) Miriam was spotted outside her condo in JY’s Nissan Pathfinder late Monday (Jan 23, 2023) evening.

Several sources report that Miriam’s sister delivered some personal effects from the condo to Miriam in the parking lot, suggesting Miriam had been banned from the building – where she owns her own condo unit. Turns out that’s exactly right – Miriam Yaniv’s release conditions prohibit her from entering her own building. Sources say she’s temporarily moved into Jessica Yaniv’s condo across the street.

You can read the release conditions document here.

20230123 Miriam Yaniv Conditions of Release
Download 312.9 KB

The residents of Miriam’s building may now get some peace. Unless, as some have pointed out, the EMS calls start going to Hawthorne across the street and they hear those sirens instead.

Interestingly, she’s prohibited from going within 200 meters of her condo. See picture below. Her condo is in red, Jon’s is in green. The blue circle is a 200 meter radius.

Based on that, one wonders if she’s even allowed there. Maybe the police made an exception, although I don’t see one shown on the release conditions. I suppose I can understand some flexibility there, given JY is her only family, but I’m curious how the law sees it.

I’ve added a few more details from the rumour mill below.

  • Regarding her late night rampage the other night, when she stashed some cushions and tossed the cutlery around the social room floor, it sounds like most items have been recovered. Now it’s just a matter of cleaning and putting things back in their place. Reports are that it was basically a scavenger hunt – items were found in dumpsters, other rooms, random hallways, in the bushes, and underneath cars.
  • Miriam’s dog Walnut is with Ilana, her sister. She was seen quietly walking Walnut, keeping her head down and minding her business.
  • Just before her arrest, Miriam was spotted pushing a shopping cart full of stuff down the street in her bath robe towards the nearby Shopper’s location. A resident chased her over there and that’s where she was picked up by police.
  • Regarding Yaniv’s claim that Gerry Funk “punched his dog”, a resident described the events from that night differently than JY did. Funk is evidently a large man, quite imposing. He uses a walker due to a back injury. When Rexy, Jon’s untrained service mutt, was jumping on the common room furniture, Gerry pushed the dog off (no pets allowed on the furniture). Sources say Gerry would never hit a dog.
  • In the past week, JY was spotted walking from his condo to Miriam’s (and driving on other occasions). He was observed walking perfectly fine. No cane, no assistance devices, and no Rexy.
  • Interestingly, on the night of Miriam’s arrest, Jon was nowhere to be seen.