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Miriam Yaniv Crime Update: Harassing Residents, Court

Miriam Yaniv, mother to accused child groomer Jessica Yaniv Simpson, hasn’t seemed to learn that it’s time to shut up and keep your head down. Instead, she’s still lashing out.

First, the court update:

An articling student appeared on Miriam’s behalf – while Jon watched in the Teams chat – to request an adjournment to go over release conditions. A hearing has been scheduled for Jan 31. In the meantime, release conditions for Miriam Yaniv were modified as follows:

  • Previous – Miriam could not go within 200m of her condo building.
  • New – Miriam may not go to the condo building itself, but there is no minimum distance. Crown justified this by saying Miriam’s sister was suicidal and Miriam needed to stay with her daughter across the street, which was within 200m. Interestingly, it sounded like Crown may have been requesting Miriam only be banished from common areas of the building at night time but I don’t think the judge heard that or granted it.

In other Miriam news….here’s the latest from the rumour mill. As always, these are from credible sources but they may only be what one person heard, or one perspective.

  • Tuesday, January 24, despite release conditions prohibiting her from going within 200m of her condo, Miriam was spotted just outside the building that evening carrying several bags to a taxi. Ilana soon joined her with more. Residents advised her she was breaching her conditions, and an argument ensued. Miriam claims the conditions imposed on her are invalid. Police were called to attend.
  • Witnesses state that Miriam and Ilana were both losing their minds, and even Jon was yelling at thm to stop before they get arrested. Yes folks, JON YANIV was the sane one in this confrontation. That should end all doubt about Miriam being an innocent victim of him.
  • Jonny showed up and started to shout. When the police arrived, Jon Yaniv demanded they arrest one of the residents, Ted. Police took statements and sent all parties on their way. Despite breaching conditions, Miriam was allowed to collect her personal items and leave – but it wasn’t in the cab. The cab driver threw her out.

Interesting note here…Based on info collected from several sources, it seems that Miriam was collecting personal items from her condo, via Ilana, which I can understand would be allowed, even if it is technically a breach. But what’s interesting is that she was taking them to a taxi. Not Jon’s condo across the street. Not Jon’s car. A taxi. Jon wasn’t even present until it escalated. It makes me wonder – Maybe Miriam isn’t staying with Jon. Where is she staying?

Updating after I wrote the above: In today’s court hearing we learned Miriam has been staying in a hotel.

More stories:

  • Miriam sent out a mass email attacking Samantha, the woman that Jon Yaniv claimed was his fiancé in 2022. Jon kept wearing her ring for months after, despite the fact that Sam had told MeowMix and others she was done with him. Many speculated she was playing both sides – telling us how sick he was because she was embarrassed of him while telling him she loved him and taking his money. Turns out we were right. These are the two emails Miriam sent.

It’s pretty funny that she was using Jon for money. That’s what he deserves. I would say I can’t believe he fell for it and thought someone loved him but I really can. What a dummy. It’s GREAT to see the Yaniv Scammers getting scammed.

We also learned that JY is posing as an official representative of SFU. Check out this email signature. Imagine being this desperate to be taken seriously.

It would be very interesting to learn what his Business Ethics professor thought of this. Yes, he’s taking that course at SFU.