MeowTube Spotlight: Whining Videos, Meow Mix’s dedicated media library, continues to grow and ensure that JY can never bury their misdeeds.

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Today’s feature video collection is the JY Whining compilation. To find these, visit the video library and click the Whining section. You’ll find seven hilariously cringey videos of JY whining about everything from imaginary illnesses to not having a girlfriend. There’s even the epic 7-minute tirade where JY complain about the world hating on them, complete with crocodile tears and fake pouts, with a healthy dash of looking-for-Langleyresident-out-the-window mixed in.

Remember, this is an alleged child predator, and these videos were posted to Snapchat or sent in DM’s to young girls. JY was hoping to capitalize on their kindness and sympathy. Enjoy your laugh at the pervert, but remember how fake these are and what motivated them.

Grab the popcorn and enjoy! Access the video library here!