MeowTube Spotlight: Victims

The true list of Yaniv’s victims probably extends for pages and pages. Who knows exactly how many people JY has negatively impacted. From the countless young Cimorelli fans to today’s constant flow of teen girls popping up on social media to share details, it’s impossible to know the true reach of Yaniv’s perversions and manipulations.

But we’re watching.

Today’s MeowTube spotlight is on the Victim Stories section of the Meowtube Image Library. Here you’ll find pictures and screenshots – including chat logs and perverted pictures sent by JY – for several of JY’s victims, including Amy Hamm, Donald Smith, Jenna and Ellie, Jess Rumpel, Katie, Louise, Madison and her 9-year-old sister, Riley, Lisa, and more.

While you catch up on these stories remember that JY is a mid-30’s person, claiming to be a transgender lesbian, but still often refers to their penis and traditional male/female sexual intercourse. Try not to get too angry. Remember, the walls are closing in on JY.

To access this, click the picture below, then the Victim Stories folder at the bottom right.

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