MeowTube Spotlight: JY Exhibitionist Fetish

In case you missed it, JY is a pervert.

Now that the obvious is out of the way, you probably aren’t surprised that JY has a habit of exposing themselves inappropriately, whether it’s surprise flashes of their “breasts” on webcam to underage girls, sending weird pictures zoomed in on their junk while wearing shorts, or sending dick pics to lesbians on dating apps.

I should probably have a giant red warning label here, or a disclaimer, but if you’ve already made it this far you probably know what’s coming (hint: it was JY). Eww.

First off, the scene below was livestreamed in a hilarious chat between JY and Mark Hughes. If you watch the full video you’ll see that JY has no idea Hughes is trolling them in epic fashion. Hughes later visited Meow Mix to share even more!

Here, JY flashes a teen, who responds appropriately and hilariously.

And again, but with multiple teens.

And again…

There’s also several pictures. We’ve seen everything from JY’s attempted whale tail thong to a straight up (well, not that straight, or that far up) dick pic. There’s underwear, bras, topless, close ups, and so on. Honestly, there isn’t much of JY that we couldn’t identify the same way they identify whales in photographs in the ocean – by skin patterns. Sadly, we’ve even see JY’s worn pad. Why, you may ask? Because JY. That’s why.

If you haven’t punished your eyes enough, go to the MeowTube image library, click on the Crime File, and then Exposure.

Outraged yet? No? Ok…how about this…

JY takes photos in public bathrooms with teen girls behind them. Do you really think it’s a stretch for JY to expose themselves to someone in that situation? This is a person who has a documented bathroom stall fetish, a history of exhibitionism, alleged pedophile traits, and the impulse control of a chipmunk in a peanut factory.

I’ll close this up with a statement – JY, I know you read Meow Mix and then tell all your little girlfriends that we’re evil transphobes. Screw you. You illegally expose yourself to minors. You expose yourself to adults, which could probably be deemed a sex crime in most provinces and states. To think you have the nerve to invent a story that Amy Hamm sexually assaulted you by taking a picture of you and then lurk in the shadows exposing yourself to everyone against their will is obscene on more levels than you have chins. You’re wrong to do this, and it isn’t transphobic to say so.

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