MeowTube Snapshot – JY’s Socks Are More Than Just Dirty Laundry

Editors Note: MeowTube has 200+ new pictures uploaded today and more videos going up too! Now over 2400 pictures and videos of Yaniv’s pedophilia, racism, bullying, lying, and general crookedness (all alleged, of course).

January 11, 2020 – the most recent time Yaniv declared they never use fake accounts, also known as socks on Twitter.

Obviously this is a blatant lie. Yaniv has used socks to harass people, bully people, bait people, and even spam websites to drive customers to his failed JY Knows IT business. We know all this because he’s even admitted it to Manda and others.

I’m not even sure what to think about this, to be honest. On one hand, we have a person who creates fake accounts to bully others on a weekly basis. On the other hand, Yaniv always uses these accounts to compliment himself. Is he so lonely that these fake compliments perk him up and make him feel value?

In all fairness, Yaniv has had a decent chance at life. There’s money in the family, he’s got a bit of an education, and had potential to start a great career, but Yaniv is lazy and crooked and wanted to find a shortcut to everything – money, success, fame, and companionship. Why work to make friends when you can literally CREATE FRIENDS?

For more on Yaniv’s history with fake accounts and harassment check out the JY Socks gallery on MeowTube.