MeowMix Community Update

We’ve all seen what happened to KiwiFarms.

MeowMix is 1% the size of KiwiFarms, and our focus is much, much narrower, which makes our community different, but there is an overlap, especially when viewed from certain lenses. Jessica Yaniv will see this and attempt to capitalize on it.

Yaniv will try to make this a trans safety issue, while leaving out the fact that there are dozens of false legal claims, 20 damaged aestheticians, 10 criminal charges, 3 violent assaults, countless threats to murder people, a documented and admitted obsession with underage girls, several women catfished, multiple scams and thefts, and very disturbing racist behaviour. Yaniv’s gender identity and lifestyle decisions interweave with these facts and events, but they are not the cause.

MeowMix is committed to being a safe place for victims of Jessica Yaniv to air their stories and for news, events, and even gossip to be shared with the general public. This public interest in Jessica Yaniv (Jessica Simpson) was even validated by the BC Supreme Court and invited by JY when they engaged in this behaviour, branding themselves a famous international celebrity and global personality.

People accused KiwiFarms of being a dedicated hate site and haven for violence, threats, transphobia, and illegal activity. Recent events mean we need to be more cautious about what we post, and what comments are posted by our community to ensure MeowMix isn’t viewed the same way. To that end, we’ve also archived some content and comments.

The MeowMix team thanks you for understanding the efforts we’re taking to keep the site up in todays sensitive and polarized environment. News, facts, and victims matter. Let’s keep our focus there.