JY Medical File – Cancer, Tumours, Strokes, OH MY!

Part 1 of a JY Medical File Miniseries

Munchausen Syndrome – a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick.

Hypochondriac – a person who is abnormally anxious about their health.

Bullshitter – a person who exaggerates or lies.

I can think of nobody else that better personifies all of the above than JY. This Meow Mix miniseries will dive into Yaniv’s history of medical claims and complaints on social media, including cancer, eating disorders, intersexuality, and rare diseases.

Readers outside Canada need to keep in mind that Canada has socialized medicine. For the most part, you can show up at the hospital or doctors office and get treated without ever receiving a bill. We pay for it in taxes and other surcharges, but you generally don’t receive hospital bills (there’s exceptions for rare procedures, elective procedures, etc. but we don’t need to get into that here).

I’m also going to add that we don’t know for sure just how healthy or unhealthy Yaniv is. Those details are between JY and JY’s doctors. What we do know is that JY posts things on social media for attention and they’re often self-contradictory and outlandish. Most people believe they are made up.

Editors note: I’m officially predicting Yaniv will claim to have COVID before the end of March. Second, I’m predicting Yaniv will try to get some of the free money being offered to small businesses affected by COVID, declaring that the pandemic has hurt JY Knows It’s revenue.

First on the list, Yaniv has a long history of seeking attention by claiming to have some form of cancer, strokes, and even tumours. He frequently posted on Facebook that he was in the hospital for MRI’s or other testing.

Apparently a “mini stroke” is a thing, and hopping on Facebook to share that you had two of them is also a thing, at least in JYville.

Fortunately, it was quickly cleared up.

But if it’s not a stroke…

As if that doesn’t scream “someone give me attention!”. Poor Yaniv, cancer on their birthday.

The cancer claims went on and on…

But at least it was quickly cleared up!

Or is it?

At a minimum, there’s some sort of neurological condition, at least according to JY…

JY’s idea of a medical record to prove their own claim is what we see above – a picture of a curled page from some unknown document.

If JY has cancer, tumours, or strokes, I genuinely hope she can get the medical attention she needs.

If JY is lying about this for gain and profit, which most people think she is, I genuinely hope she gets what she has coming.

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