jessica yaniv simpson vs donald smith

Mar 3 Court Live Update: Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs DFS

Today’s court is a follow up to the last hearing. This time, Donald made an application to have Judge Gaffer clarify her order compelling Jessica Yaniv Simpson to make submissions.

Court starts at 9:30 AM PST by phone conference. MeowMix will provide live updates as they come in.

Update 2: 10:40 AM PST

There is already a hearing scheduled for May 3, 2021, but I expect another will be scheduled before that to hear the matter below.

Update 1: 10:10 AM PST

Thanks to Donald Smith and Kari Simpson for their written notes on this matter. They help MeowMix keep the public informed.

The Court was unable to reach Yaniv for todays hearing and the Judge rescheduled the matter, but only after agreeing that, pending Yaniv’s desire to provide submissions at the next hearing, the Court will hear Donald’s requests for costs to be recovered from Yaniv.

When referring to submissions, this means that Yaniv was given time several months ago to consider if he wanted to make submissions that (in Yaniv’s mind) prove that the Court has jurisdiction to hear this matter. The Court previously said they do not, and Yaniv disagreed. This was the same day Yaniv dropped the case against Kari Simpson but refused to drop it against DFS. The Court wanted to know why Yaniv thought there was jurisdiction and gave him time to produce documents.

In other words, the Court adjourned the matter to give Yaniv time to consider whether or not they wanted to proceed with this matter, and as of today, Yaniv has provided no confirmation of that desire, nor legal documentation to support their claim that the Court has the ability to even hear the matter.

Should Yaniv fail to provide these submissions or provide a satisfactory update to the Court at the next hearing, DFS will be free to apply for the case to be dismissed and costs be awarded.