jessica yaniv simpson threatens leigh

UPDATE: Leigh Speaks Up!


Update 2: I’ll admit it – I was misled and I fell for it. The text below (in italics) was what Leigh sent to us – copy pasted directly from the email – describing her motives. After some backlash and concern from MeowMix followers and others about Leigh’s behaviour enabling Yaniv, Leigh announced to Twitter some very different details than what we were presented with.

First, Leigh has stated I can delete this article but I will not. There are still interesting details from Yaniv here, but, more importantly, burying the article would look suspicious. Instead,

Before I go any further, these are Leigh’s tweets, posted publicly.

The inconsistencies between what is said above and what was told to us originally are staggering. She told us in email – and in DM’s to me on Twitter – that her goal was only to befriend and help him. As you can see from her tweets, that story changed. Suddenly she was working as a trained decoy with FBI contacts and she’s made sure Yaniv is on a watch list.

She went on to add that people from MeowMix attacked her for it. I suspect some of our followers commented negatively about her, but nobody attacked her, and certainly not from MeowMix. When I confronted her on this she immediately backpedaled.

Now, call me insensitive, but when we’re playing with lies and accusations you don’t get compassion. Leigh pulled out the very Yaniv-esque medical card. Despite nobody asking, she ranted about various medical conditions, likely in an attempt to misdirect anger and garner sympathy.

To that I say hell no. You misled me, you misled our group, you told me you provided us with 100% of the screenshots and then later said you didn’t, you accused us personally of attacking you, and you hurt my credibility and that of the others that work on this site. And for what reason?

I’ll leave it at that. I have not edited the article below, but take the entire thing with a grain of salt.

And to those who say I’m being harsh – there is a large team of people that worked hard on this site. We’ve worked hard to be taken seriously and become a credible source of info about Yaniv. If we’ve been wrong, we’ll say so. And if you’ve intentionally misled us, I’m going to call you out for it. A liar is a liar is a liar is a liar.

Original Article Below

In what started as a genuine attempt to get to know Jessica Yaniv Simpson, and a sincere effort to understand what makes him tick, Leigh reached out to him in early 2020 to offer friendship. She wasn’t contacting him to support his ways or encourage his habits, but to open a door for conversation. Yaniv ignored her for the most part, but eventually opened up. When things went south, Yaniv pulled his usual stunt – he threatened her.

Leigh’s submission to MeowMix included the following statement:

Just to be clear, I reached out to JJYS to befriend them. To see what made them tick. I reached out because I am a mother of an autistic, developmentally delayed child and I saw so many of those qualities in JJYS. I have many transgendered friends and being an actual woman, I thought I could help JJYS in their transition by being a friend and giving them first-hand knowledge of what being a woman is all about. I saw a vulnerability there. I wanted to help. I wanted to be a compassionate friend. The COVID pandemic had just started and I was looking to take on a project during lockdown. JJYS’ behavior just kept deteriorating. Everything I have to share is nothing new. JJYS their self has put most if not all of this out there on the internet themselves. The threat that JJYS DM’d to me, about destroying my life bit by bit, if I released anything, has me intrigued. Maybe they have divulged a juicy secret to someone but they don’t recall who it was and thus they are living in fear of some soul spilling the beans.

I tried being a friend to JJYS. I really tried. But not once did they ask me anything about myself. Not once did they seem interested in anything but talking about their world, their life, their troubles. And their worries. They blocked me on FB first. Then when JJYS sent me a DM on Twitter to help them retweet and gang up on Billboard Chris, and I didn’t do it for 2 reasons, the first being that I was inpatient at my local hospital for heart attack symptoms, and the second because I happen to like Chris and believe in what he is doing. I was blocked on Twitter earlier this week. I am still followed by Miriam and Yadira.

None of these screenshots of actual conversations are edited it any way. They are simply screenshot from my phone and forwarded on here. Enjoy.

(For the record, I no longer wish to be JJYS’ friend. Honestly, everything about them now makes me physically ill.)

Going into this story, and seeing the screenshots, I honestly applaud Leigh at the same time as I worry for the safety of others like her. The world needs more kind people like her, and Yaniv would have benefited from having a real friend. On the other hand, I worry that there people out there who don’t know that Yaniv is a pedophile and a woman-hater, and they see Yaniv for what he wants to be seen as – a victim. I worry these people will see the illusion and get hurt.

Moving along…

Most of Leigh’s messages were met with Yaniv’s autoreply, claiming he can help people with a tech purchase. Eventually, he responded with his usual whining and attention seeking. He claimed to be a victim, and said the bullying was making him “extremely ill”. Leigh responded several times over the next few days with kindness and reassurance.

Leigh also reached out to Yaniv on Instagram. Yaniv responded by saying, “Sorry I didn’t see your request come in I get hundreds a day”. Sure you do Jonny.

He went on to whine about breathing issues and immense pain, saying people use him all the time, and he has a herniated disc. He whined about his “really bad injury” when his fat ass broke the physio table he sat on. His whining went on to include remarks about severe spinal pain and being on tons of medication.

The conversations continued, ranging from discussions about age of consent and Yaniv whining about bomb threats. He claims he police don’t help him. Could that be because they know he’s full of shit? Leigh messaged him several times over the next few months and he ignored her entirely.

Despite that, on Nov 5, Yaniv asked Leigh and several others who have contacted us to support him, saying (and he copy pasted this text to several girls), “Babe retweet everything I just posted please”. This was the tweet Yaniv wanted shared:

So much desperation wrapped up in two little tweets. First of all, acting as if he wasn’t drunkenly stomping around outside the GRS Montreal clinic just months ago. Second, trying to stick up for Nicola Spurling, a trans woman that has directly disavowed Yaniv. Of course, there’s Yaniv’s direct target, Chris Elston, whom Yaniv is desperate to destroy.

SIDEBAR: Anyone remember Jessica? No, not the pedo. The other Jessica. The one that Yaniv catfished. She spoke up on MeowMix some time ago. Turns out Yaniv tried to get his revenge after she spoke up. Yaniv phoned her employer and made up some stories, told them some lies, and tried to get her fired. Fortunately, her job is safe, and her Instagram feed is full of pictures of her surrounded with great friends, smiles, and love. Yaniv, in the meantime, accomplished nothing, and never will.

Eventually, Leigh gave up the attempt to figure him out, which of course made Yaniv super happy. He messaged her for the first time since the “babe retweet” message on Dec 14, 2020 and said, “You release anything I will come after you and fucking destroy you bit by fucking bit. I knew you were a fucking dirty snake. Fucking ugly one too”.

Leigh’s screenshots are below.

Reality Check Time: Jonathan, you can’t hurt anyone. You can’t scare anyone anymore. Your insults are empty. You’re powerless to affect people now. You’re just a filthy little insect who’s time is running out. You’re going to get swatted, one way or another.

Oh, and that’s not a threat, you vapid calorie collector. It’s a figure of speech. Don’t get your moms panties in a bunch.

Speaking of Miriam…anyone seen that crazy old woman lately? I’ve been wondering where she is. I suspect she’s in her condo, dodging COVID and sharing kiddie porn with Jon. We’ll have to do some looking.

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