Legal Update: Jessica Yaniv Simpson Assault Charge and Fraser Health/PHSA Lawsuit

Two of Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s legal files were updated yesterday, February 8, 2021.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson – Assault Charge

Nothing of substance really…There was a hearing initiated by Yaniv’s lawyer Andrew Coulthard to get some more time, likely to prepare Yaniv’s defense. There is another hearing scheduled for March 8, 2021, at which time a date will be set for a trial.

jessica yaniv simpson court

As a reminder, this file is due to Yaniv’s assault on Keean Bexte outside the Surrey Provincial Courthouse. Charges were filed in July 2020. Last week, Bexte was subpoenaed to testify as a witness.

Yaniv has faced a total of six criminal charges in the last 18 months or so.

  • Possession of an illegal weapon, count 1 – conditionally discharged, currently on probation with restrictions. A joint counsel meeting is scheduled for Feb 11, 2021, likely by Yaniv, to update this file.
  • Possession of an illegal weapon, count 1 – dropped.
  • Assault – see above.
  • Mischief, count 1 – filing a false police report (related to Elston).
  • Mischief, count 2 – misled an officer, causing a false investigation.
  • Uttering threats – when Yaniv threatened to kill Chris Elston.

An appearance is scheduled for February 17, 2021 for the last three charges. This appearance is to exchange case particulars, and we should expect a series of 2- to 4-week adjournments after that to deal with it.

Yaniv vs. Fraser Health/PHSA

Fraser Health and Provincial Health Services Authority have filed a response to Yaniv’s lolsuit.

The defendants admit that Yaniv’s data was accessed by an unauthorized person from each FHA and PHSA, and that these employees were disciplined internally. There is no evidence that the records they viewed were disseminated.

Yaniv was given the option to place “VIP” status on his health records, effectively locking them, and Yaniv requested this.

FHA/PHSA say that Yaniv’s claim is not clearly pleaded, which we knew weeks ago, but they made an interpretation of the claim that appears to align with Yaniv’s goal, and they deny his claim entirely.

The defendants state that (as predicted) the case must be dismissed because the BC Small Claims court doesn’t have authority to hear an action related to the Privacy Act.

Yaniv’s other claims about FHA/PHSA having a duty of care should be dismissed based on previous case law. Likewise, case law suggests there is no common law cause of action for breach of privacy in BC.

The entire reply is a thorough and damning response to Yaniv’s vengeful and profit-driven lawsuit and should put a quick stop to it.

PDF’s below.