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Legal Opinion: Recent Jessica Yaniv Simpson Lawsuits

Right off the top, I apologize to readers for delaying this and our legal friend for the same. We’ve been overwhelmed with Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s stupidity lately and real life has filled the small gaps in between.

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MeowMix’s legal friend has weighed in on several past cases and been right every time. This is both a testament to the wisdom of our friend and evidence that Yaniv is simply a serial loser idiot. Don’t worry though, he’s close to passing the bar exam. Right?

Yaniv v Langley (Township), Vancouver (City), British Columbia (Attorney General), and Canada (Minister of Public Safety)

Yaniv was feeling cheap.  Instead of withdrawing his claim against the Township of Langley, he simply expanded it to any government department he has a grudge against.  Four government lawsuits for the price of one filing fee!  I suspect he has to pay those now.

However, Jonny fails to realize that you simply can’t do this.  First, a claim must be in relation to a single event or closely related events.  This is just a grab bag of grievances.  The claim doesn’t even plead a cause of action, such as a specific tort (other than “negligence” when asking for money). 

The claim would mostly be outside of the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court.  Most of his claims would be heard at the Human Rights Tribunal.  I hear they aren’t taking his calls, though… Other claims would require some sort of injunction to enforce, which would be heard at BC Supreme Court. 

The weird police shit would likely be handled by the Police Complaints Commissioner (Vancouver) or the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (RCMP).  I find it hilarious that he is just now raising a Criminal Code defence to the weapons charges.  Usually, people raise such defences before they are convicted.

As for the substance… basically all bullshit and/or not an actionable claim in the first place.  Seems like Jessica is more of a Karen, as the whole claim simply screams, “I want to speak to your manager/judge!”

Yaniv v Strata Plan BCS 3591

This claim is better, but not by much.  Unfortunately for him, it is doomed from the start as the Civil Resolution Tribunal handles strata matters.  Some would also be for the Human Rights Tribunal.  But on to the substance regardless…

Very interesting that JY mentions WGKitty uttering death threats.  Seems like if JY heard these death threats uttered, he would know who WGKitty is, and an avalanche of private prosecutions and lawsuits would ensue.

And no, he’s not going to get a list of owners from the strata. Disclosure by the strata would be a violation of privacy, unlike disclosing what JY orders from Denny’s.

Other than that, it’s all garden-variety difficult strata owner stuff.  I suspect the RCMP orders are bullshit, considering how he is suing them for not protecting him/arresting him. 

He’s got some balls filing even more of his frivolous, vexatious, and sloppy lawsuits (pun very much intended).

As always, thank you to our legal friend for this. The MeowMix team reads his lawsuits and we can generally poke holes in it pretty quick, but it’s so much better to have a trained expert weigh in to give us some solid ground to point and laugh from.